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  1. Hey guys, I'm 16 going on 17 in April, and I live in America. I have been a gamer for a very long time, and I have played shooters such as Battlefield 3/4, Arma 3 of course (since early beta), Counter Strike, and more. I play a variety of games ranging from Project CARS to War Thunder, and I am online a lot. I've been looking to play Arma with a group, preferably some tactical missions, ect. I have some experience with multiplayer and Breaking Point, enough to know the controls. I have also played some user created missions from the workshop, so yeah. PM me please if you think I'm right for your clan. Thank you :)
  2. Hi, so after watching several gameplay videos like this With clear mod installation and custom map/gamemodes, I was wondering, how do I play with a team of people like this? I've had Arma 3 since beta but, the most i've done is played some multiplayer and a zombie mod (not dayz). Are there any community based places I can go to find people to play with too? Thanks :)
  3. Hello, I have played some of the showcases and they don't answer all my questions. How do I lock onto people with the helicopter, and which missiles are air to air and air to ground? Skyfire air to air? How do I roll, I have seen people do it alot, would be VERY helpful. Is this really the final game, was arma 2 like this when it first came out? It feels like there is a big lack of vehicles and maps... Will there be big dlcs? I was looking foward to jets in this game but..Guess not. :(
  4. Hello, I am a noob to arma in general, haven't even played dayz yet(waiting for standalone.) I have played arma 3 a tiny bit, but I haven't really found a good server, plus Im new to the modding side. One of the very unusual things that brought me to arma, was that there was somewhat realistic modern jet combat, now don't tell me the jet in game is very realistic please, I don't even know how to select rockets/missiles on it. My problem with arma is, if I install mods, like let's say theres a jet mod, if I install it, would there be servers that run it? Or what if I installed a weapons mod, how many servers for it would there be? Thank you :) I also see all these people with jets somehow in this game, they port them over from arma 2? Is it possible for me to even if I don't have arma 2?
  5. Darn..What do you say is the worst feature? Graphics?
  6. Windows 7 home premium AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor 3400 MHZ 4 cores ect Biostar motherboard (not sure) AMD Saphire radeon HD 7700 Series thats the basics of it I guess
  7. Will my pc be able to run arma 3 on medium/high settings? It meets the recomended specs. It overpasses them barely however. I have a really good processor and my graphics card is 50+ the recommended (not sure how to say it) Thanks.