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  1. The issue Bright is getting at, is that even when you only ever download off one repository, the load order will change if mods get added and there is no way for the creator of the repository to enforce a load order. It would be a very useful feature if, when you join a server, you not only load a certain modset, but that modset also gets loaded in a particular order.
  2. shocknawe

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    The map looks fantastic, but I've got 2 issues with it that I wanted to bring up. 1) Often times the framerate will drop dramatically while zooming (holding right mouse button, not even a scope), more so than on other maps. It essentially starts to stutter, which makes it very hard to play on. 2) Buildings and rocks that are over 200 metres away will often start flickering severely. I don't know if these bugs have already been reported, but to me they're very severe.
  3. Hey Shay, we've just discovered a bug with MCC. Whenever you load a mission from your profile, all units skills will be set to 0.5, even though the MCC AI skills were set differently via the init.sqf. If you do spawn an AI regularly, their AI skills are set correctly.
  4. After updating to 1.56, I've been having the issue where respawning with the MCC Save Gear option turned on, causes your weapon to disappear. I get the following script error (from the RPT): Any hope for a fix?
  5. After some testing, it seems I've found a bug with the HLC AK pack. Running only CBA, HLC core and HLC AK, the GP30s sighting seems to be misaligned. At all ranges, the grenades will land short about 20 meters or so. This is true for both the AK12 and AK74's GP30s. Could you look into this, Toadie?
  6. Let's kick this off with a video and our website. My name is Shock, and I am a member of Charlie Foxtrot Operations We are a small europe based community with a long history and a lot of ingame experience. Some of our members have been playing together since the launch of ARMA II. We focus on realism, tactical prowess and team cohesion. We are looking for players who are dedicated, willing to learn and who would like an ARMA experience like none other. We are unique in the way the can offer a very coordinated team, with no respawns and a highly curated modlist of over 10GB including mods like ACE, ACRE, MCC and others. We build upon real life military tactics, not because it's "cool", but because it's practical. For example, we regularly use formations appropriate to the current tactical situation, we use bounding overwatch, we use cover and maneuver tactics and so on. Everything we do is for gameplay reasons. Players can expect to be able to qualify to play a variety of roles, and we do not lock people into the same role for each session. All of our missions are custom made using mainly MCC and offers a large variety of both objectives and locations. To sum up, this is a check list of what we have on offer: •First person only •No respawn, but multiple missions each session •Custom missions made using MCC each session •Custom gear layout •Various training sessions covering a wide array of topics •A huge collection of mods tailored for solid experiences •Real life military tactics used for gameplay advantages •A tight-knit community of mature people who know each other and like to have fun •A realistic and serious approach to gameplay •Varied gameplay both in form of missions and in that we play as different factions. What we expect from you: •That you own a legal copy of ARMA III •That you have a working, decent microphone •That you have Teamspeak •That you have a skype account •That you can speak english •That you are 18 years or older. Exceptions can be made, basically, we want people who can behave •That you are able to attend 50% of our sessions. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances, but we want people who are dedicated. •That you are able to go through our required training within the first 4 weeks of joining us. Don't worry, you'll get to play with us within that time without having done the training. Does this sound like something you'd want to be a part of? If you fulfill these requirements, drop me a personal message on reddit or apply through our website at http://www.charliefoxtrotops.eu, where you'll also find a complete mod list. Any questions can be asked here or in a private message. Hope to see you ingame soon!
  7. Squad name: Charlie Foxtrot Timezone/location : GMT+1 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): co-op Contact email: charliefoxtrotops@gmail.com Website address: http://www.charliefoxtrotops.eu Short description: Arma 3 milsim-lite unit - applying real world tactics ingame without unnecessary milsim bagge like calling each other sir. Language: English
  8. shocknawe

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Hey there, looks like the latest update 1.3.2 is causing some fairly serious issues. My RPT is getting spammed with this message: "given item with name: [tf47_fakeitem_at4] isn't linked to a weapon!" http://puu.sh/g9BW6/73e9fa5d32.png It also crashes the game with a DX error (http://puu.sh/g9BXZ/b70e3edece.png). The graphics driver crashes essentially. This happened to us in multiplayer.
  9. Does the same code work for the dedicated server of ArmA 3?
  10. shocknawe

    L85a2 v3

    Hey there, great work on this so far, I really like the work you did on this. It's very high quality. I had a couple questions/remarks though. First and foremost: currently your rifle uses a 6.5mm suppressor even though the calibre of the SA80 is 5.56mm. I guess you know ArmA 3 has a 556 suppressor. You could use that one instead. Furthermore, is it possible for you to make the rifle compatible with Robert Hammer's attachments from his M4/M16 mod? Finally, would you mind if this mod gets added to playwithsix? In case you haven't heard from it, it's a mod distribution platform. I am in no way associated with them, though. I know how to change the config to fix the technical issues I had with the mod, but I reckon it's better if it comes from you. Otherwise I'd have to change the config every time you updated the mod.
  11. Hi Shay, the latest MCC version breaks the spectator script. Rolling back to 0.4.9 has a working spectator script, whilst the latest version does not. I have tried this with the F3 template as well as with the one provided in your original post.
  12. So I've got a question about the AN/PS4 (M14 Mount) optics included in the HLC M14 pack. It doesn't seem to work right. When looking through these optics, mounted on the M14DMR, I get no actual sight or anything. I just get a zoomed-in view as you'd get by holding NUMPAD +, except with far more zoom. Is this a problem on my end? If not, is it known/can it be fixed?
  13. shocknawe

    Middle East Conflict mod

    I've just noticed today that this mod (or maybe its dependencies) seems to break the explosive specialist role. I can not place APERS mines, tripwire mines and slams with the explosive specialist role. I've tracked it down to this mod. Is this a feature, was anything changed that might have caused this?
  14. shocknawe

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Tested this out and the volume is far too low. I've seen that others have complained about it being too loud, but it's ridiculously low compared to out of game TS volume. Is there or will there be a way to adjust the volume? ST Acre volume didn't seem to work with this version.
  15. shocknawe

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Hey, is it possible to have the robert hammer PBOs in the addons folder by default? Currently everyone in our community has to copy over these files manually and it's a real pain.