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  1. Thanks for this wonderful/addictive scenario SaOk :bounce3: Had some great fun, love the dynamic part of it.
  2. sauer

    New Flightsystem Post Patch

    Great news that heli´s get some tweaking attention :)
  3. yeah!, whatever. Perhaps all models not related to infantery should be square boxes, so they not take away focus on Arma 3 "the walking simulator" part. In fact the terrain/trees is too distracting, make boxes out of it all:bounce3: Let´s get focused big time on simulating boots properly, every detail must be explored vigorously:dancehead:
  4. If BI and Fred can make this happen it´s the best news so far, after the releasenews of Arma3 Alpha itself Huge thanks to Fred and BI for opening up for the possibility of more realism.
  5. I will end up with no sosial life if we get a proper heli flightmodel in Arma 3, my G940 hotas is longing for some realism bonanza.
  6. "I quite like the current flight model. I'm enjoying flying upside down." You should be doomed to spend the rest of your life in "call of mommy", the super awsome new addon for call of black farts 8 :cool:
  7. It would take Arma 3 to the skies even more :bounce3:, please please please make this happen.
  8. sauer

    got my a2 islands working in a3

    Your work looks amazing fromz:bounce3: Do you think it´s possible to use high detail 1m lidar data from geotif´s?, http://koordinates.com/#/layer/3774-wellington-city-1m-contours-2011/ has some great data for free.
  9. Agree 200%, scriptkiddies etc totally destroyed BF3 if not on a moderated server. And even clans take part in the more hidden cheats, noticed it sometimes when somebody started using spawing behind your back cheat, suddenly loads of people on opposite side did the same. This from players that I know insists on the boards there is very little cheating in BF3, just better playing.
  10. I´m used to Cryengine SDK, and was hoping to import some of my complex buildings/towns, but after 20min I had enough of O2 he he. Good news if there are improved tools coming :cool:
  11. I´ve noticed that the server can affect fps big time, got into some servers that had settings/missions that for no reason brough my rig to it´s knees.
  12. Runs smoother after I put everything on max, strange but I don´t complain:cool: Had high hopes for this game, and so far it´s even better then I hoped, and looks beyond beautyful too.
  13. Looking forward to test the Titan, I guess max drawdistance with max AA will bring it to it´s knees he he.