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  1. kyang03

    JUMP please!!

    jumping wouldnt really be helpfull at all in my eyes, the vault over fence and objects are enough and plus what can you really jump over anyways? only reason why they added jumping to most fps games is that well it takes half a mag to kill someone let alone seeing someone jumping around would be kinda dumb and that makes it useless to have it in arma.
  2. kyang03

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    theres tons of different pvp situations for everyones needs, like wasteland usually 30+ players and everyones out to get you, or tvt work with a team to kill another team, mostly all pvp you can think of is already there or still being created.
  3. kyang03

    AI Improvement

    Im not new to this and yes they are all the way up, as i said ASR AI would still be better
  4. thats still playable, as long as everything runs smooth on your end and none of the AI or players are skipping across the screen then thats fine
  5. +1 to that ive played all and loved it all and cant get enough of OFP Cold war still an amazing game with a amazing story line, bought the supporter edition is because i know i will keep playing arma and will choose arma over alot of the new fps games
  6. with those specs it should be able to handle the game, maybe not with all very high settings but it will be able to play it with a decent amount of fps. I have a ASUS G73JW and it runs arma 3 with very high settings. specs for the G73JW i7 *forgot which one is it* my wife uses it now for work, but it was at like 1.5gh and with turbo on it would go to either 3.7 or 4.0 ghz i will have to double check on that win 7 64 home edition 8gb gtx 460m on arma 2 with everything on very high and view distance at 6k i would get about 30-40 fps on taki and 20-30 on chen
  7. kyang03

    AI Improvement

    I have tested this with 2 squads with arma 3 and can i say it was a bit boring as they moved around alot shot a couple times and walked in the open and took about 10 minutes to finaly finish what was ask and that was to search and destroy each other in a open field. Just like in arma 2 ai arnt as smart untill scripts are made to make them move better and well destroy the player, for example ASR AI which made arma 2 AI alot smarter, they will flank you and suppress you which was a blast to know that you arnt fighting a bunch of AI's running around in circles. I hope ASR AI will be released soon for arma 3 for some fun game play.
  8. kyang03

    What would an insurgency in 2035 look like?

    Like most rebels or a fighting force, they will use guns that they like, im pretty sure the ak47/74 will still be used as its been a great weapon and has been in service in so many countries. Of course since it is 2035 im pretty sure insurgency will be updated with some newer guns as its 2035 and with better equipment to defend or attack.
  9. Although that video shows CE3s own physics which is nice and all and like some said it wasnt in Cry3 as much but then again they do have CE3 to make mods and to just devolope things which ive seen some good mods going on with the CE3. But I do believe as arma 3 gets better the physics will, and the small details will become alot better as well.
  10. kyang03

    Map from E3 Demo?

    yeah where camp maxwell is at, its always nice to have it scripted to have it running like the demo maybe on a single player mission or just on multiplayer
  11. kyang03

    Arma 3 DayZ port? Any news?

    I'm glad day z isnt going to be comming to arma 3, as when you hear someone talk about arma 2 you "only" hear day z day z day z. Also I'm glad day z will have a standalone so those who wants to play day z can go play day z and those whos really interested in playing arma can play arma with out having someone say arma isnt as good as day z. so its a win win for both sides
  12. kyang03

    question on how to control a ai squad?

    What can also help is go into editor and give yourself a squad and you can easily learn the controls and commands for the squad, as no one is going to engage you and it also gives you more time to get a good feel of what key gives you what command. Or if you need a bit more help, if you have arma 2 or arma 2 OA theres a little mission in there that gives you a tutorial of leading a squad of AI's
  13. kyang03

    Im a noob !

    just take your time and mostly watch your sectors if your by your self. If you see some one dont go rushing to kill them as it can or will be a trap. Basically how arma is time is your friend, get trigger happy it will get you killed and isnt as fun. Its always fun to get into a squad with your team if your playing a co-op map but if your playing wasteland games then either get a friend to scaveng together or scaveng things by youself.
  14. kyang03

    Map from E3 Demo?

    hmm i remember seeing Stratis being used in one of E3's demo but i could be wrong i'll check again to make sure it was Stratis not Altisa.
  15. kyang03

    Map from E3 Demo?

    I'm not sure if this has already been ask, I've been searching for this but unsure if it was out or just named differently. But wanted to know if there was a way to get the Demo map from E3 that you see on youtube of them testing out arma 3. It'll be nice to use that map and what it had on it.