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  1. HUA! Mark me as the machine gunner. First Blood soundtrack at the ready.
  2. I got my code! Thanks BI. Downloading from Steam right now! 6:30 - Wake up, get ready. Pretend its Christmas morning! 6:50 - check BI Store to make sure sale didn't start early 6:59 - 1 minute left on countdown, refresh page... bad idea... Store not accessible. 7:00 - Store still not coming up 7:05 - Have accessed store, but get errors after clicking link to buy supporters edition. 7:18 - Making headway, being patient... complete purchase! yay! wait, there's a PAY FOR PURCHASE button. 7:20 - get credit card information through and validated. pit in stomach forms as I am redirected back to BI Store... slowly 7:22 - Receive email confirmation of purchase with order id#! Store page displays with same order details! Link to download (weird, it's a Steam game) b0rken. 7:23 - Confirmed pending purchase charges at my bank's website. 7:30 - Multiple attempts to access odd download link still unsuccessful. 7:40 - Still no success - begin attempts to bring up BI Store support submission page. 7:55 - Submit support email via BI Store website. 7:56 - Received copy of support email I requested, so i am reasonably sure the support email submission worked. 7:57 - Receive email from bank alerting me to suspicious debit card activity. 8:00 - Call bank and confirm that $91.99 debit purchase (Arma 3) for today, along my gas and Taco Bell purchases from yesterday are legit. 8:01 - Resume attempts to access download link 8:08 - Receive automated support response email from BI. 8:10 - More attempts to access link. 8:15 - Start looking for game to show up in Games on my account, plus checking for email with key after reading accounts of issue on forums. 9:30 - Go back to bed after more attempts and waiting to get code. It will get here eventually otherwise I have a support issue submitted. Wonder which I will get first... my Arma3 code or delivery of SimCity today from UPS. 12:04 - Receive my code for Arma via email! 12:41 - SimCity delivered at door by UPS. You win this time Bohemia Interactive. This time... 1:00 - Wake up pretend its Christmas morning... again! 1:04 - Start download on Steam. 1:45 - 8-10 minute still left on download... SimCity still sits in its wrapped case.
  3. Same here. Sucks that supporters were forced to buy from BI Store, which couldn't handle the load from a sales release, and now others are already downloaded and playing the game and I am still waiting for my key and no guarantee I was even in the first 500. Patience is the watchword.
  4. Was finally able to purchase the Supporter Edition. 1. Purchase was confirmed, and then there was a red PAY FOR PURCHASE button. Thought that was weird. 2. Got my credit card info. 3. Got Order Confrimed. 4. Received Email confirmation. 5. Order details finally came up at BI store, and order details confirm same as emailed info. 6. Charge is pending at my bank. 7. Order details have link to downloader for steam version? This is odd, why not just a cd-key for steam like all other games. 8. The one time I got the downloader link to actually "work" in any way, said that I had no order for the game on my account. "No purchase of this product found in your account. Please contact support@bistudio.com Fatal ERROR. Contact support@bistudio.com" SUP?