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  1. Hello everyone, and the new DLC is included in the Arma 3 Supporter Edition ? Previously, all the DLСs I got for free. Or now I need to buy ?
  2. I installed version for developers, island not available me and requires purchase.
  3. I bought a version of Arma 3 Supporter Edition, I get APEX free ?
  4. DEN

    Arma 3 FanArt

    DLC "Вежливые войÑка"
  5. I put in STEAM Russian language in the settings, but the game itself is no choice of the Russian language. Language selection menu is locked and accessible only English language. When you receive access to the localization of the regions ?
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah I just saw the update. Translation little crooked, but what they say is clear, I hope BUKA fix it on normal. Thank BIS.
  7. Comrades BIS enter Russian language version of ARMA 3 Supporter Edition.