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  1. It would be nice to see somebody from BI confirm the actual numbers the game supports. I'd hate to see game features watered down to add eye candy tbh.
  2. trichome

    JUMP please!!

    I suggest you take your bad attitude back to whatever forums you came from. I'm not going to shut up because some ill mannered kid does not like what I'm saying. I stand by everything I said, we don't need jump in Arma, V has worked perfectly fine and there's no reason to change.
  3. trichome

    JUMP please!!

    V is fine as is. It works and we don't have soldiers bunny hopping all over the place and the game is far better for it. Does not need to have jump just because cod/bf3 have it or any other games for that matter.
  4. trichome

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    3rd person view in Arma should never have existed. It's a bloody wall hack and destroys any immersion in the game what so ever. I would like to see it removed from all game difficulty settings without major changes to the mechanics of it, i.e no seeing around walls or giving you magical 360degree views when your in a vehicle. Its probably the biggest immersion breaker for me period.
  5. trichome

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    I don't miss any weapons from Arma2. I'm more than happy to have a new set of weapons that I havent used before.
  6. trichome

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    I actually like the MX series of rifles. I've been having a great time with the MX LMG and MX Sniper Rifle. I don't know about anybody else but quite frankly I'm glad there's no M4's,M16 or there variants atm as I'm really sick to the teeth of those guns being in very god damn fps ever made. Change is good:p
  7. Why? Whats the point when no weapons can hit at that range? Please do elaborate? I sense somebody who for whatever reason is butt hurt. And I'd like to see this decade old computer you talk of that could do that. Please give up the trolling cause your failing badly!
  8. Have everything on ultra/high with post processing off @1650x1080 rest of spec in sig, getting great performance with no slow downs at all. Had one crash last nite over 3-4hrs other than than it ran perfectly. This was on the dev build.
  9. Having been a server admin for some years now and used most AC's out there. I'll be happy to see BE continue to watch over Arma 3. While all AC's have there problems for Arma 3 BE is by far the best choice. No AC is going to be 100% perfect but with good admining and BE you can't really go wrong.