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  1. Beard

    Heads character customisation

    *cue sarcasm* I personally, do not think highly of beards. Anyway, back to what the OP was talking about: Yea more face and hair variety would be nice, and I am very confident we will get that. A2 has quite a large selection of face textures, not saying they're great but I believe the quality will be better in A3.
  2. Beard

    Are we getting Nvidia drivers ?

    Interesting. Thanks for passing this along.
  3. I'll hope and assume with you all that they are placeholders. If it's the same during beta testing then I might get worried. I agree with r3volution too that the smoke doesn't really rise high enough or last long enough. A side topic to this conversation as well, is it just me or does the "burnt out" texture for destroyed vehicles not appear until you are within a certain range? There's been a few times where I'll be approaching a seemingly intact ifrift only to have it suddenly appear as a charred and burnt out hull.
  4. I am so excited for this, thanks for your work guys!
  5. Kinda in to doing panoramas right now. This conveniently is 3840x1080 for you dual monitor people. I probably could have framed it better for that, so here's to hoping the next will be better.
  6. Beard

    Still nothing for the ladies i see?

    Search is yo friend: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?119587-They-better-have-female-soldiers
  7. You are the man Sabre, awesome work. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Beard

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Biscuits. That's annoying. I'll keep my eye open for any solutions that might help you out. In the meantime, best of luck to you mate. Sorry I couldn't be of much assistance.
  9. Lovin' the photos guys. Excellent work by all.
  10. Ha ha, yea no worries about being shot. But nice Starv, keep at it. I'd proably have to pick these two ( IMG1 IMG2 ) as my favorites out of the bunch. I'll keep a eye out for any more you take up on the photography thread.
  11. Beard

    squadxml logo as patch on gear

    Certain soldiers in A2 had that ability, so I would assume and hope that will be included here. If anything I'm sure one of our awesome community members can make it happen as a addon.
  12. Beard

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Hrm - I'm hoping someone else with more knowledge on the matter will come across this and be able to give some insight. Only other thing I can suggest in the meantime is to try verifying the integrity of the game cache in steam, make sure everything is in order.
  13. Beard

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    Replace the voice pitch slider with a weight and height slider and I'd be a happy man. The downside is that's easier said than done from a developer standpoint.
  14. My A2OA experience in a nut shell. Ha ha. @TG Marksman X: That would explain it, could of swore I had broken 1st floor windows as well but I don't even remember. I'm sure it's real hit or miss on various buildings.
  15. Beard

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Revert back to the release, not the dev version (by simply opting out of any beta patching in steam) and let us know if that resolves it for you.
  16. Beard

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Are you opted in for the Dev build patch? That, if I'm not mistaken, has been the issue for many people. Run a forum search as there has been quite a few topics on this.
  17. Beard

    TrackIR 5 Defaults

    Zoom isn't working for me out of the box either, so someone will have to comment on that. I was able to bind it to zoom but it wasn't a analogue zoom so I was either 100% zoomed in or at normal. I ended up getting sidetracked and forgot to get that figured out. As for leaning, you need to actually lean- not tilt- to the left or right. Play with your trackIR settings if it's not responding super well for you. I actually don't use it much myself and just stick with Q and E. You can, if you'd like, bind the lean to a trackIR tilt however, if that would fit your preference better.
  18. I'm with Dallas, I don't see tossing a grenade at a solid window having 100% positive results for the thrower. Even if you do chuck it and break the window, the impact would probably slow the grenade and make it drop just inside the room, instead of going farther in for maximum damage. I usually just shoot out the window and quickly follow up with a grenade, or when playing with a buddy have him shoot out the window right as I'm tossing the grenade. @Cross888: Have you tried multiple houses? I was able to get grenades through windows in one of the two story houses in south east Agia Marina.
  19. I've heard about it but never had any experience actually using it. I enjoy imagining myself with that and my trackIR clip on. @[FHA]Dynamo: Yea I really don't understand why anyone would be down voting that- the logic behind that decision makes no sense to me. Customization is key, especially in this series. @11_HARLEY_11: check out this link here: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=3554
  20. It can take a bit of getting use to. I actually had a hard time adjusting to infantry combat with it. What I did for awhile though was bind trackIR's "center" and "pause" option to my mouse 4 and mouse 5 buttons. So If I get disoriented I just push pause and trackIR becomes inactive, or if I find that where I'm holding my head now is making me look off to the left in-game I press the center key and trackIR will then center itself to my new location. Having used it for awhile now I can hardly imagine playing with out it. You'll laugh at how often you find yourself moving your head around attempting to look about in other games that don't support it. @ProGamer: Personally I'd say go for the trackIR as it'll help you in all three areas. If you plan to do a ton of jet flying or helicopter piloting, which it looks like you plan to do, then a joystick is a viable option too, but I'd even narrow it down to just jet usage. I actually don't use my joystick anymore and have moved back to a keyboard and mouse as I can actually aim better on attack runs. That said, I still use the joystick for transport stuff. Pedals are totally awesome, but for how expensive a decent pair are I'd rather go with trackIR or a joystick for sure. I think you'll get more return out of those two.
  21. @[FHA]Dynamo: Ah your right. Bummer. I was hoping that we could find a command line like some of you mentioned that was something along the line of "stance up" or "stance down". After playing around I realized that moving up or down a stance is tied to your movement keys, which I obviously didn't realize. So I was able to bind my trackIR to movement, mess with the settings and make it so turning my head right went stance up and turning my head left went a stance down. Problem is that if you, lets say sneeze and do so into your right shoulder, your character will start moving forward. Quick search showed at least one feedback ticket request the change http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=3554
  22. Beard

    Helmet Cam + livestream to teammates

    This has a lot of potential, nice work!
  23. Beard

    Game won't run

    This probably belongs in the alpha troubleshooting section. By any chance are you on the dev build? And are you getting the A3 logo after attempting to launch from steam or simply nothing at all happens? EDIT: First try Gorbachev's troubleshoot though! He's actualy got a possible solution XD
  24. I was only getting 6DoF in teh AH and MH little bird. Back to not being able to bind keys to a stance up/down - I'm not at home so I can't check it myself currently, but is there possibly a stance up/down bind in the actual config file that you find in the A3 other profiles folder? The bulldozer commands are hidden in there for example, but you can't access that from in-game. That might be a way for us to bind your trackIR to ctrl+wsad. Someone let me know if I'm totally wrong.
  25. I used Shacktac Bunnyhop for awhile and enjoyed having that ability. Standing still did the step over and pushing V while sprinting did a running hop over a object- however there is the issue of loadouts and weight that you all have mentioned. But for me allowing someone with a heavy load out to do a vault isn't too big of a deal - I'm sure that someone's adrenaline would assist them in overcoming any weight if they were getting shot at anyway. Perhaps just draining stamina would help keep that under control. A rifleman could sprint, vault, and continue sprinting a short distance where as a demolitions expert would be able to just sprint and vault. Mind too this is just a vault over say... a small fence I'm talking about.