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  1. Unfortunately it has been delayed for a few weeks. They posted that a while back.
  2. Could you lads put those questions through a grammar check? I tried to answer them properly but they can be hard to understand.
  3. Could you provide the main differences between the state troopers and sheriff? Or is just like real life? (http://people.howstuffworks.com/state-troopers1.htm)
  4. Probably the same I suppose, hopefully it is easier to answer the "rules" question when they bring up the registration.
  5. Do we have to pass a psych eval as well? Anyway, looking forward to being a cadet. ;)
  6. Zehtuka

    WASP Warfare

    Looks interesting, I'll check it out. Any chance for HC support? This would greatly improve performance during mid-late game.
  7. Amsterdam is great location (AMS-IX), anybody on the east coast or in Europe will have a solid ping. Best thing of course would be to have both a US and EU server.
  8. This tool is truly amazing, thanks a lot!
  9. Zehtuka

    Bennys warfare

    Looks like steam workshop is not always the best solution for mission files. Every time I play on a BECTI I never know if it is vanilla or custom, there's some big differences between servers.
  10. Hey all, While trying to learn more about the editor I ran into the following problem: Player X is the flagOwner red_flag after doing a certain action. Now I would like to have Player X appear on the map with a marker that updates as this player moves around. After searching around I found this script: _unit = _this select 0; _marker = _this select 1; while{alive _unit}do{ _marker setMarkerPos (getPos _unit); _sleeptime = 1; sleep _sleeptime; }; You call this function using: dummy = [general,"marker"] execVM "marker.sqf"; Where of course "general" is the name of the unit which needs to be marked on the map. Marker refers to the name of a marker already created on the map. The code works great but I would like to know how to "assign" it to the flagOwner red_flag, which can be picked up by anybody on the team. Thanks in advance if somebody can give me some tips regarding this issue. :o
  11. Zehtuka

    [MP] CTF Template

    Great work, I can't check it atm because I'm at work but does this also include an updating marker on the map (of the flag) for all users?
  12. Because mission designers often get complaints that "Item _X" is lacking and their mission sucks because of that.
  13. Zehtuka

    Arma 3 PhysX Playground

    I extracted the file to that folder, but where am I supposed to load it? (never used editor before)