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  1. This is going to be great! Hopefully we get to see some progress soon.
  2. ParadoxSO

    No more actions?

    Will look there from now on. Seems like the BI forums would have been the best place to look, but I guess it's a wise choice to post there since the major population of 'Tactics' owners roam on Steam.
  3. ParadoxSO

    Line of sight bug

    Not sure which or whose post you are referring to Mirapa, but wouldn't you also think that the 2nd pic I posted is very unlikely to happen in real life? I understand cover doesn't make you invincible, but you got to think more about depth perception and angles.
  4. Look..my plan worked haha..the forum has awakened!! I didn't want to resort to being offensive, but sometimes that wakes people up. The game just get's frustrating at times with it being in beta, and I'm trying to give good feeback so in turn you guys can fix and create a well polished game. Apologies for the offensive title and the rude comments.
  5. ParadoxSO

    Arma3 Videos

  6. Posted several times in this forum reporting bugs and asking questions, giving suggestions and no response from a moderator or a developer whatsoever. Same with a lot of other people. They are not getting any responses. Thought you guys were lazy enough to make a shit port and release it for the PC, but I didn't expect that you guys would be lazy enough to not accept the help from your damn community. Have a nice day.
  7. ParadoxSO

    Line of sight bug

    I will add to this thread and post my experience. This is on PC. Operation Temptest "Getting the Hell Out" http://i.imgur.com/VedBNTK.jpg (219 kB) Might be a bad angle but the bullets go through the wall and hit my unit. Happens nearly every time I stack up in that position. Edit: http://i.imgur.com/z1p86gX.jpg (250 kB) ..managed to get shot twice from up here from ground fire. I did not use the cover action but honestly, how do they manage this?
  8. Steam did an update earlier today. I didn't get a chance to check how big the update was so I'm wondering if it were a hot fix or a big patch update. If so, where can I find some patch notes? Thanks
  9. Any information on what will be included in the finished product? I have not played through all the missions so I don't know if they're unlocked but I assume there will be more levels. What else? Will there be more weapon options to choose from? More unlocks and upgrades for weapons? ..Speaking of weapons upgrades, how about creating a weapon weapon model with the upgrades attached to it?
  10. ParadoxSO

    No more actions?

    I guess another way to put it, like someone posted on Steam, you have unlimited AP points but you can't use any of it or make any other actions with another unit.
  11. Don't really have a way to better state the title. Anyway, PC, ..it's on steam should I should have the latest installed. When it happens: When I fire the sniper rifle AND when I open the mystery crate What Happens: My actions get locked, I can no longer move any of my players or interact with them. I cannot end my turn. Temporary Fix: Go to main menu, hit continue, and this loads my last save. I had to go on an entire mission with my sniper being useless.
  12. ParadoxSO

    Streaming ArmA Tactics

    I will begin streaming the game momentarily. My twitch is linked below. http://www.twitch.tv/twistinfool
  13. ParadoxSO

    Arma3 Videos

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  14. ParadoxSO

    Arma 3 FanArt

    Geez, I thought my stuff was good, but now looking at this stuff..I take it back lol