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  1. I have this issue too. Mrap behaves very strangly. In fact whole car physics is strange. It's impossible to stop a car from hill, it's sliding on surface like ski. When I drive something over then car is almost flying in air. (small weight?)
  2. Amazing! At least. Cheers. :-)
  3. Glad to hear that adddon is almost complete. We're very looking forward for this. At last mrap without thermal with such a cool old .50. Good luck with fixing. :)
  4. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    Thank you pretty much again.. :)
  5. I don't undesrstand you Frank. Voice support..? How do you mean that?
  6. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    Sounds aren't working correctly because of new version. Hotfix for new A3 version please. :)
  7. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    Ah, sry, I am an idiot.. *FACEPALM*
  8. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    Cool, you're fast with updates. We'll test this update today. Can I also ask you for all classnames list please..? (I am too lazy to search them in cfg.) :cool:
  9. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    You've understood it bad samyG. I was reporting the issue with small weight (not with big) because in nowadays addon version have these M4 too small weight so it's possible to carry four of them in a backpack.. :-)
  10. Do you plan to bring these animations addon to Arma3..?
  11. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    Hello again, first of all I wanna thank you. :bounce3: These textures and models look amazing in game and much better than on screens (Dunno why, maybe cause of steam screen compression.). Few of them almost perfectly suits in combination with our AÄŒR vz. 95 camo. Now some issues I found out (most of them you already noticed) and what I would gladly see in upcoming updates.. ^^ I know, I know, WIP.. :) : 1) Dot in holo almost not visible. 2) I have feeling that red holo eotech circle is overflowed by light/textures when you aim with on something reflecting lot of light or on white lines on airport. (Dunno if realistic, never had eotech). 3) Can't be loaded by tracer ammo (making me sad). 4) Can't change weapon elevation (zeroing). Locked on 30 m. 5) Strange recoil. Strange feeling when firing. I thing that recoil for semi is too big especially when you are firing twice in a short moment. I also thing that recoil on these weapons is too smooth (slow), it should be more aggresive, more snatchy to get the feeling you are holding a weapon not a toy. 6) I want to ask for versions with angled foregrip, without foregrip and with launcher. 7) Small weight so you can take four of them to a bag. 8) Textures are too nice so I will rather watch them whole mission and die while doing so than commanding, playing and enjoying mission.. :D Finaly some pictures with vz.95: http://imgur.com/a/4mKKN#0 Looking forward for updates.
  12. LoL :D. As you maybe know we - Czech and Slovakia have been one nation for some time. It's not very likely that Czech will join one side and Slovakia will join an opposite side. So please don't separate us and bring our nations to one side of conflict even if you want us to be Eastern side - your European fictional enemies. :D
  13. eQuistX

    Design mastery weapons

    It looks like a comic style (Borderlands style). It's only my opinion. Should it look so (no offense)..?
  14. You're awesome Richard. Looking forward for this addon. :D
  15. eQuistX

    Enhanced movement and more

    Is addon still not dead..?