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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the switch to this new scripting / programming language. I'm really stoked to get going with developing stuff in the C#-esque language. I really appreciate the now strictly typed and OOP programming, rather than python-like + imperative sqf. One question though that I didn't find an immediate answer on the wiki: Is enforce script interpreted as you run the scripts, compiled just in time, compiled ahead of time, or something entirely different? Additionally, since this now closer maps to C++, does it yield remarkable performance gains in comparison to SQF? (Hadn't had the time to benchmark it yet) Thanks Bohemia for this step, I really love it and I'm excited to what future mods/scripts will bring!
  2. Okey guys, I'm working now on: 3D "Editor" to easily setup,preview,export cinematic shots New modes: Smooth transfer to follow a unit/vehicle at a given angle Smooth movement WHILE following a unit/vehicle UAV Mode Better performance Easier access with clean HUD/GUI Elements in the editor. And I will create a new thread for that "v2" version to give it a better name and promote a bit more Stay tuned. cheers
  3. Good point. Will implement that to the "Version 2". Feel free to modify the script. Just show the cinematic borders with scripting commands showCinemaBorder true; //On Start [...] call trackingShot; showCinemaBorder false; //On End That should give the desired effect. Cheers
  4. Well in the scripts itself are no passwords etc. . But if a hacker takes a look and remotes exec in the server with the defined commands, he might be able to write in your database with custom commands. So keeping your scripting commands for the database safe is a good option. If no player has access to the serverfiles, a script injection attack cannot be done.
  5. Arma can't load an "addon" within the mission. Only on game up-start. The thing with that is, that Arma does not support SQL connection of any type scriptwise in sqf. For that, you need an Addon written in C(#,++?). This cannot be loaded on mission startup, since these kind of addons can change Engine features or extend them, which cannot be done on the fly. Short Answer: No you cannot load that addon in you mission folder.
  6. revide

    Skip briefing in MP Mission

    In KKs script old idds have been used. I updated his version: CfgFunctions: (to execute that preInit): class CfgFunctions { class eXperienceMod { class preInitCalls { class myFunction { preInit = 1; file = "client\preInit.sqf"; }; }; }; }; preInit.sqf: //Much kudos to killzonekid. Nice workaround. //Just the thing, that idd 53 is not anymore the Diary briefing.. //The addition to the config, will deal with that and will always take the correct idd. if (hasInterface) then { if (!isNumber (missionConfigFile >> "briefing")) exitWith {}; if (getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "briefing") == 1) exitWith {}; 0 = [] spawn { private ["_d"]; _d = (getNumber (configfile >> "RscDisplayServerGetReady" >> "idd")); waitUntil{ if (getClientState == "BRIEFING READ") exitWith {true}; if (!isNull findDisplay _d) exitWith { ctrlActivate (findDisplay _d displayCtrl 1); findDisplay _d closeDisplay 1; true }; false }; }; };
  7. revide

    Disable Spectator in MP

    1st result on google... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Spectator_Mode
  8. Yea ran into that as well, didn't bothered to post this. But this is kinda screwed up. BI pls, give us some commands for hardReset whole map. Similar to the deadCorpseHandler that manages the disappearance of dead corpses. Just reset a building after it has been destroyed after certain circumstances.
  9. Well, solving matrix with Thomas Algorithm is another story then executing a single function based on velocity, for instance.
  10. You're NOT done with the UI part. If you really want the pics of vehicle showing and maybe an Add To Cart button you have to use the ControlsGroup and add a picture, price, name, etc. with structuredtext or multiple texts. It's not that easy as you probably think. The scripting part does not only involve how to fill an array, it involves the complete management of the currently selected item in the virtual List since you are not using ListBoxes but ControlGroups. You need to have add and remove functions for the cart, a checkout and so on. //Edit: You surely can "just" use the ListBox thing and add a bunch of vehicles, but then there is no real question on how to populate an array, since you can easy add an item to the box and give it some hidden parameters, like costs, type, etc. Then just get the current selected item on checkout and you're done
  11. Take a look in the BI Wiki: Good starting points: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Dialogs Maybe these https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-ListBoxes Or These https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-ControlsGroupfor more advanced stuff It's all possible, but very time intense with fiddeling around in the gui editor and scripting all the buttons and displays. I dont think someone does this for free for you.
  12. In my study I got quite a bit of math. I thought this would be a nice little challange. Was fun to make!
  13. Read through it, I like the shockwave simulation :D. Well his PostScript says that setDamage is now JIP compatible. I would now just have to cache in all the builds that got destroyed and reset them to setDamage 0. Well an event Handler would make that possible.
  14. yea thats what I thought as well, but the efficiency is quite a pain in the ***. :') MP but There are no MP handlers doing that. @BI that would be awesome, eventHandler for buildings. Im going to look into the killed thing with building, maybe they call it.
  15. Hey community. Is there a way to get ALL destroyed buildings on a Map and auto-rebuild them, like a Map reset, but without restart. I've seen solutions with triggers on the buildings itself, which is not quite suitable if the whole map should be affected. Open for any ideas, thanks.