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  1. ProfessorShanks

    Tao Folding Map

    Great job! This is incredibly useful
  2. Hahahaaha I had the same problem! Those Devs and their shenanigans
  3. -Run in it Compatibility mode -Verify Game Cache -Re-install DirectX11 -Get an Nvidia Card lol But seriously, it should be working. I think ive had this problem before with another game.
  4. So this just started happening today for me and i dont know if it has happened to anyone else. The sides/Factions are not showing up when i join servers. Here's a Screenshot Anyone know whats up? [sOLVED] - If you are in the Dev build the factions and sides are currently not visible
  5. ProfessorShanks

    Paintball Mod

    So back in 2003 there was a Paint-ball mod apparently. I was wondering if people thought it would be unique/interesting if there was a paint-ball mod for Arma III. I can easily see there being servers for that and people playing. I havent tried my hand at modding before. But for anyone who knows how to. This would be pretty cool to have. Just adds more to the game.
  6. ProfessorShanks

    Chernarus Map Collection

    So i ordered the Chenarus map collection with the 8 post cards off the site, and it never asked for any credit card/ debit card information yet it said the order was placed. Nothing further was said. Whats going on? My account details only have my address but no other info.