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  1. i like to mod the weapons on the carrier to impove it targeting range and arcs. i just need to location of the codr for the gun on the carrier and to know what lines they are. im try to make the carrie guns act more real
  2. srry it been a while but the waypoint auto resume no what meant u know how when a enemy get close to ur waluers and is stars moving around in circle i want a command that make it hold it pos and never mover around is just shoot at the target doe not auto maneuver for some reson ---------- Post added at 06:49 ---------- Previous post was at 04:58 ---------- turn out the auto moving of my walurs is the cover scrpt but i fixed for now my unit will not auto run to a rock or infront of the emeny had to edit like 5 diff files
  3. what i meant was a way to make sure the don't move because sometime i had them move on me after v to attack something and got killed. and sometime when they attack they move around a lot some getting killed because of it. what i want the to do his have a command were they do not move no matter what. like a hold position command on a stragy game
  4. is get a weird graphic error when i cap the cc on outpost
  5. how about a way to order the walrus to not o move from there position just stay there and shoot at anything that come close or in line of sight. basic what im asking for is a hold position command. this would work great for the aa walrus. and for walrus that are badly damage or out of ammo that need to hide till u got it clear enoug for them to move back instead of the continuing to attack after u change unit and getting them self killed