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  1. How would one go about doing that?
  2. yamajin82

    Farooq's Revive

    I'm still struggling to get this working. I just created a new mission to test it out. Copied the folder into my mission, put the line in the init.sqf, start the mission in editor, get the hint that revive is intialized, but no revive function. Please help, its driving me nuts! I've used it previously with no issues but the last two missions have been like this, any help would be appreciated.
  3. Nothing eh? How about forcing the little hexagons over people on the same team as you, but I would need it for people not in my squad, any ideas on that?
  4. Hello, I'm making a mission where I need to differentiate between friend and foe while in thermal view from a helicopter. Is there any way to do this? A periodic flash or any kind of visual clue that would be obvious from a somewhat shaky view (I know the infantry helmets are a dead give away but its hard to really get that zoomed up on them without the screen shaking all over the place) would be great. Thanks!
  5. yamajin82

    Farooq's Revive

    Interestingly it works with any SP version, ie when I load it in editor by my self as well as when I select it in scenarios from the play menu in game. It will initialize in MP when creating a game from both the multiplayer save file from editor as well as from the workshop file but the revive function will not work.
  6. yamajin82

    Farooq's Revive

    Yeah I just tried switching the value to 2 where anyone can revive with a medkit and its the same issue. Teammates just die and there is no option to revive. When I die however I get the spectator screen and the hint that tells me how far away the closest medic is but nobody is able to revive me.
  7. yamajin82

    Farooq's Revive

    I noticed a few other posts similar to the issues that I'm having. I have a pop up message when I start the mission that says 1.4d initialized, but the actual revive only works when I preview it in editor. When I go to try it in multiplayer or my steam workshop version I still get the initialized message but there is no option to revive (I have it set to revive mode 1 where anyone can revive, so I know its not a medkit issue). Can anyone help me out here?
  8. aha! works brilliantly! Thanks for your time guys. Tajin, would this also work for each member of my squad if I just made triggers for each member and attached each trigger to them?
  9. Thanks everyone! Tajin, your suggestion sounds promising. When I put I get an error that says "Type String, expected nothing". I don't know much about scripting, any ideas?
  10. yamajin82

    Farooq's Revive

    I love this script but I seem to get random issues with it. I have a mission right now where it works when I preview my mission as Single Player in editor, it also works on the same mission as a multiplayer mission in editor, but when I run it in multiplayer and my friends join me I don't even get the "Revive initialized" hint. Anyone have a clue as to why that would be?
  11. Hello, I am making a mission where you are patrolling from town to town and only want the enemy AI to engage if I am say within 50m of them or so. As of now I am getting essentially what I want with a trigger making me captive from the start, then when I enter their vicinity I have a trigger set to not captive, then once I have cleared out the enemy I have another trigger that sets me to captive again. This works to a certain extent but I was wondering if there is a more tidy and smart way of doing it? Thanks.
  12. would this work for the new mobile artillery units as well or does this only apply to the M8 mortar units?
  13. yamajin82

    Farooq's Revive

    I'm relatively new to editing but I have your script in my init.sqf and it says that it is initialized but I am unable to drag or revive my teammates, any pointers for a beginner? Thanks!
  14. Hello, I did some digging in the forums and I found this old thread about a civilian kill counter: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?109166-Civilian-kill-Counter I tried all the varieties of what is shown in the thread and got it to work in single player but when I save the mission as MP it no longer works. I am a total noob when it comes to this kind of thing so can anyone tell me if there is any reason why this shouldn't work in Arma 3 Multiplayer? Here is essentially what is in the thread that I had working in SP: init.sqf execVM "check_for_civ_death.sqf";// run on server side check_for_civ_death.sqf MC_DeadCivilianCount = 0; MC_DeadCivilianLimit = 10;// limit amount of civ casualties allowed MC_EndMission = false; [] spawn { waituntil {MC_EndMission}; playSound "start"; cuttext ["Game over. Civilian casualties are at an unacceptable level. Hearts and minds, boys...","PLAIN",2]; sleep 10; endmission "END2"; }; MC_fnc_deadCivilians = { hint parseText format["<t color=""#80FF00"">Civilians dead: %1, Watch Your Fire 10 is the limit.</t>"]; if (_this >= MC_DeadCivilianLimit) then { MC_EndMission = true; publicvariable "MC_EndMission"; }; }; MC_eh_killed = { private "_side"; _side = side (_this select 1); if (_side == WEST) then { MC_DeadCivilianCount = MC_DeadCivilianCount + 1; publicvariable "MC_DeadCivilianCount"; if isdedicated then { if (_this >= MC_DeadCivilianLimit) then { MC_EndMission = true; publicvariable "MC_EndMission"; }; } else { MC_DeadCivilianCount call MC_fnc_deadCivilians; }; }; }; if isserver then { { if (side _x == Civilian && _x iskindof "Man") then { _x addEventHandler ["killed", MC_eh_killed]; }; } foreach allunits; } else { "MC_DeadCivilianCount" addpublicvariableeventhandler { (_this select 1) call MC_fnc_deadCivilians }; }; [] spawn { waitUntil{!isNil "BIS_fnc_init"}; waituntil {!isnil "BIS_alice_mainscope"}; waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_variablespaceadd"}; [bIS_alice_mainscope,"ALICE_civilianinit",[{_this addEventHandler ["killed", MC_eh_killed]}]] call bis_fnc_variablespaceadd; };