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  1. Hey, i'm here to present the 26th MEU, a ACE realism unit that is hard charging and dedicated. We accept anyone, age doesnt matter, we are looking for new members. We have a selection of MOS's (Roles) 9 infantry MOS's 2 Pilot Roles 3 Armoured vehicle roles We have ops tonight every week Requirements - Must have needed mods such as ACE/ACRE - Must have an working microphone. - Must have working copy of ArmA II and ArmA II OA. - Must have Teamspeak 3. - Must be an active player. - Must show repect towards the superiors. - Must be showing teamwork Enlist and check us out! We promise nothing but fun! - http://www.ob-gaming.com/index.php?/forum/36-26th-meu/ Teamspeak - ts.ob-gaming.com About us: The MEU is running very well with three servers being brought up. A recruitment server A Ops Server A Training server we have a Teamspeak with a capacity of 512, Channels all set up with a chain of command.
  2. Project '85 missions

    Nice! :D ---------- Post added at 18:43 ---------- Previous post was at 18:42 ---------- I Enjoyed it :)