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  1. dealman

    [ERROR] Eden Editor 3D - Portable lighting

    As far as I know, disabling simulation always meant that lights could not be turned on. Same was true for flood lights for example. And it makes sense, you disable its simulation. @Harzach solution is the easiest one, just attach it to another object that is static. It would be nice if BIS considered adding an option to disable physics simulation only, but keep logical simulation such as it being lit up etc.
  2. I guess, but it doesn't return them. During my testing I was only able to get an array of actual objects(ie, walls and structures) and markers.
  3. I think the layers in the 3DEN Editor is a feature that is very underappreciated. It can be used for so much - not only organizing things but it's also great for scripting! However, it's a shame that getMissionLayerEntities only return objects and markers. I was hoping it would return modules as well as I'm creating a Warfare mission and am trying to figure out a nice and easy way of supporting various layouts per map, without each layout having to be its own separate mission file - or having to use a config. Layers were at first the perfect candidate, until I realized it can only return 2 things.
  4. Not a fan of double posting, but I believe I've managed to figured this out. There were 2 issues; 1. Apparently one should use createUnit to create the effect modules and not createVehicle(createVehicleLocal though works for whatever reason?). 2. It would seem I was doing this all too fast, at first using createUnit(reference) didn't work which had me confused - then I recall having similar issues in UnrealEngine 4 where some things would fail to execute on rare occasions, but slapping in a short delay would solve the problem. Lo and behold I slap in a uiSleep of 5 seconds and it now works. I'd still love to hear an explanation as to why this is, so it's something I can avoid later on as I spent several hours on this.
  5. No problem buddy, I appreciate any and all help! :)
  6. I've already tried that, hence this commented code; /* createVehicle Alternative Syntax (Will not work because "Vehicles with brain cannot be created using 'createVehicle'!" */ //_effectObject = createVehicle [_effectClass, (heliWreck modelToWorld _effectPosRelative), [], 0, "NONE"]; It seems you can't create that kind of module at all using createVehicle as it has a "brain".
  7. Sure no problem, it's intended to be released on the Steam Workshop later on either way. Currently this is all I have; initServer.sqf (Intended for Tanoa, you should only need 1 player unit for it to work) So I was being a derp, it never did work in MP. It worked when I was testing in the editor, I guess I had them mixed up as I keep switching back and forth. Hard to test MP functionality without having a 2nd client. I'm guessing the way I tried to use remoteExec is incorrect after all. :(
  8. Aye, that's the list I'm following to make sure the code I need is executed at the right time. While I wholly understand that particle effects are client-sided for obvious reasons, I was under the assumption the server could still create it "for" the client. I did read about remoteExec earlier as I knew I'd have to use either that or BIS_fnc_MP, but what initially had me confused was the syntax of createVehicle/createVehicleLocal. Where you first specify the vehicle class, then the function and then the position and rest of the arguments. But this shouldn't be a problem using the alternative syntax I imagine, that's what you get for staying up too long - you overlook things. :) Edit: So I gave this a shot which didn't work and resulted in an error inside xxx. ["ModuleEffectsFire_F", (getPosATL player)] remoteExec ["createVehicleLocal", 0]; And just to make sure I wasn't misusing it, I tried to create a building using the same syntax - which did work, the building showed up. But the fire module for whatever reason does not. For reference this is the error it output in the RPT file; What peculiar here is that using that very same function with the same parameters on the server works(of course it's created for the server, not the clients). This is the syntax I used then; _effectObject = _effectClass createVehicleLocal (heliWreck modelToWorld _effectPosRelative); // "ModuleEffectsFire_F" createVehicleLocal (position);
  9. Hey, thanks for the reply! I just tried using the alternative syntax and it does not work. Can't even spawn it at player pos using the debug console, I have to use createVehicleLocal for whatever reason. I guess this may be intended behavior, but I'm not entirely sure what the best approach would be to create this locally for every client.
  10. I'm working on a mission where the players will spawn around a burning helicopter wreck, since it's just a regular wreck I want to add some effects(modules) to make it a bit prettier. I had it working with the editor no problem, but I want to make the mission a bit more dynamic, so people can easily add various things. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to use createVehicle to spawn the modules, but it works with createVehicleLocal. I'm not too familiar with how locality works in ArmA 3, I understand the whole ownership thing - but to execute things on the server, one client or all clients is a bit confusing. I'm fairly sure I'll need to use BIS_fnc_MP for this, but was hoping there'd be some approach I can do directly via initServer.sqf to keep it clean? This is what I currently have, it's a bit messy and I haven't refactored it yet so there's probably a more efficient way of doing this. This works as intended in the editor and when I host my own server, but I'm fairly sure the modules would only be created for the host since I have to use createVehicleLocal. So I have 2 questions: 1. Why is it that modules have to be created via createVehicleLocal and not createVehicle? 2. What would be the best approach to have these modules created for all clients?
  11. dealman

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    Not sure how much of help this will be, but I personally have only ever had this bug happen to me while playing Escape From Tanoa as host with 3 friends of mine. And once when I was playing Liberation with a friend of mine. When I was playing Liberation I tried to redeploy to another FOB to see if that helped fix the issue - but that resulted in the game crashing. I've had it happen I think 3 times while playing Escape From Tanoa, 1 of these times however it fixed itself after a few minutes. Neither of my friends experienced this bug during those sessions. Not sure but both of those missions have some hefty AI stuff going on, so maybe it's related to the AI? No mods. Hosting with UPnP enabled.
  12. I haven't been able to re-produce this, so I guess it was a temporary issue with the client during that moment which is odd to say the least... After it crashed it was working, so I've no idea what to tell you :P
  13. I was using the Huron, I never did bother trying a different helicopter which was kind of stupid on my end. They belonged to BLUFOR, same as me yeah - I was a passenger. It was intended to be for a cinematic intro with a helicopter crash. In the end I just stopped bothering and will make the players spawn at an already crashed helicopter, too many things that can and will go wrong otherwise. I shouldn't really have to upload a mission, all I had to do was(on Tanoa); 1. Create a Huron unit anywhere on the map, with crew enabled. 2. Add a waypoint(move) for the helicopter anywhere on the map. 3. Teleport unit into helicopter as a passenger on start(init.sqf). This is all I have to do to re-produce this issue. Edit: So my game just crashed as I was fiddling with some configs and accidentally wrote the wrong path, so I restarted the game and was gonna make a mission to upload here to see if you experienced the same issue. However, it now flies towards the waypoint...? I'm at a loss of words, it seems the AI must've been broken in general and restarting the game fixed it?
  14. I can't seem to get AI-flown helicopters to follow any kind of waypoint, it doesn't matter what helicopter I use or on what terrain or what altitude. The AI will always fly in a circle around its spawn point. I've been away from ArmA 3 for some time, but I'm no stranger to the editor or scripting - but this issue I have absolutely no clue what's going on. I've tried changing the completion radius of the waypoints, moving them closer - moving them further away. Even on a new empty mission with just the helicopter and one waypoint this happens. Has anyone else encountered this? Edit: It will hover as intended if there are no waypoints placed, but the moment I place any kind of waypoint - it will start doing circles. I've tried changing the altitude of the waypoints as well, same behavior.
  15. dealman

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    If memory serves me right, having no path would mean it's in the mission's root folder. So for example; Mission.pbo/flag_texture.paa.