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  1. ArmASalt3! Thank you very much for the comprehensive feedback! The code I used in my say3d.sqf was incorrect (indeed, not say3d.sqs ;).) _this say3d "track1"; in my last script didn't work, your _vehicle = _this select 0; _vehicle say3D "track1"; does the job! To literally turn on the radio I had to change this addAction ["Radio on", "Scripts\Radio\say3d.sqf",[color="#FF0000"][[/color]"On"[color="#FF0000"]][/color]]; this addAction ["Radio off", "Scripts\Radio\say3d.sqf",[color="#FF0000"][[/color]"Off"[color="#FF0000"]][/color]]; into this addAction ["Radio on", "Scripts\Radio\say3d.sqf","On"]; this addAction ["Radio off", "Scripts\Radio\say3d.sqf","Off"]; _vehicle say3D ""; results in a sound unknown message for me at the moment. I look into description.ext to solve this issue.
  2. This looks quite awesome Animus! I will try to implement this in our bigger missions. Currently I am not capable looking into the files, am I correct this does not require any clientside modding? (In other words will editing/pbo-ing the mission and including your files be sufficient?)
  3. Everyone helping this community, be it rookies or veterans, deserve a lot of credit! Since early February I peaked around the corner when friends introduced me to Wasteland and Arma 2. Impressed I am, so I did not hesitate obtaining Arma 3 Alpha right away. After two months visiting literally tens of Arma-related websites, browsing through hundreds of forumthreads and subscribing to over a dozen Arma tutorial Youtube-channels I am still strugling with simple and complex scripts. The information (over)load about Arma 2 and 3 missions is daunting! But at the same time fantastic and it shows possibilities are almost limitless! Judging by the fact you already posted over 60 tutorials related to mission making, scripts for Arma 3 with a straight no-bs userfriendly explanation what pieces of code gets the job done, significes how much effort and time you invest in helping the community (ranging from beginners to old-school pro's) to get a better understanding of scripting logic. So much appreciation for your works from the mission makers, our admins and playerbase so far Armaidiot! And that goes for everyone contributing here and beyond. I came across your posts and website in the (awesome) FHQ TaskTracker already, bookmarked your site and put the excellent tutorial on briefing in description.ext (http://phantommissionsite.weebly.com/briefingsqf.html) in effect Phantom! Very helpful so mucho gracias! And I am looking forward to future tutorials.
  4. Awesome Norrin! Thanks! This really adds extra spicy flavour to our missions! Looking forward to the convoy script also!
  5. Slammin

    Crew Info in vehicles

    Thanks Marker and thanks Jman!! Really useful and much wanted feature! @Marker, it was not your initial scripts that caused this feature not to work on our server. I found out that a piece of the script in init.sqf from " Digital Compass Bearing script [ALPHA] " by BearBison conflicts with this script. Code : /* Compass bearing */ //call compile preprocessFile "scripts\BEARB_heading.sqf"; http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19486 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150530-Digital-Compass-Script Perhaps does someone know if there is one way or another to circumvent this conflict.
  6. Slammin

    Crew Info in vehicles

    Hi Marker! Mucho gracias for this feature! (As the utter noob I am) I have tried getting this implemented in our current mission but so far without success. I copy-pasted your code in our init.sqf but without results. Subsequently I copy-pasted your code in a seperate vehiclecrew.sqf getting called by null = execVM "vehiclecrew.sqf"; in init.sqf. Also without results. Am i overlooking something specifically to make this work?
  7. ARMAidiot! As a first class rookie I find your channel very very valuable! I refer all friends interested in learning mission making to it. Keep up the great work! :) @ galevsky : Besides ARMAidiot's channel you'll find useful information on mission editing also at : Jester814's forumthread : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148594-ArmA-3-Editor-Tutorials-Building-Simple-Missions Swissmavericks channel : Goodluck and have fun!
  8. Hi, I have been meddling with some ideas for mission structures as of late. I have been roaming around numerous websites and forums to obtain a broad perception of what is possible to achieve with Arma 2 and 3. However I am still a rookie with a 10-year arrearage since I just peaked around the corner when DayZ and Wasteland was brought under my attention by friends. Currently I am looking for means to expand the sandbox-experience Arma 3 is able to offer. I visionize several outposts scattered across Stratis where you can conversate with named neutral/friendly AI-units (npc’s.) These non-player characters offer small tasks cq. missions after certain criteria in these conversations are met. The completion of these tasks cq. missions may result in rewards or a next array of tasks and missions. The rewards for completing tasks ‘n missions can be : - additional support via the support-module - AI-units joining the players team - weapon/ammo-caches - vehicles (from cars to choppers) Ofcourse this idea is entirely unoriginal and heavy MMO-related, but I am confident this might add more diversion to multiplayer sandbox-experiences like Wasteland for example. Now in the first place I don’t know if this idea is realistic and something what can be achieved in Arma (3.) But since this great community consequently succeeds in realizing one feat after another, I have high hopes. Second, I don’t know if there are players who have made missions for the Arma-series with something like I posted above in mind. I appreciate any feedback on this matter and I wonder if there are more players looking for achieving something similar. My next approach is getting the hang of conversations with AI. So far I found these useful threads : Using Dialogue System - Between Player and AI? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?112012-Using-Dialogue-System-Between-Player-and-AI New conversation system how-to http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?91875-New-conversation-system-how-to
  9. Thank you very much for this great script Mikie! Hell yeah this is useful! My rookie-friends and I (also a rookie :)) are just taking babysteps in missionmaking these days and the balance and behaviour of the allied AI in our coop missions are always a cause for debate during and after the mission. This script adds a lot flexibility and a wanted additional feature to our missions. Your referrence to an upgraded GUI is welcome since the dialog window takes up most of the view at this moment. I have no clue how edit this myself though. But this discard this request if this requires a lot of rework. Especially if I am the only one mentioning this. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for your sound loop script JohnnyBoy! Next challenge for me is to addaction say3d to a chopper for example. Goal : Player gets the option to play a song as an action on the chopper and flies away with it. By reading up what A-Suicidal implemented in his " Adding a "Song Playlist PA System" Radio to your Base " script http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145613-Adding-a-quot-Song-Playlist-PA-System-quot-Radio-to-your-Base and examining the addAction-command on BIS Wiki http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction I have experimenting with this (but so far with out success) : vehiclename addAction ["Radio on", say3D"track1"]; vehiclename addAction ["Radio on", "say3D"track1""]; vehiclename addAction ["Radio on", this say3D"track1"]; vehiclename addAction ["Radio on", "say3d.sqs"]; say3d.sqs : this say3D"track1"; It's fair to say that I want too much without proper education (shootin' from the hip with scripts atm), but if someone can give me directions with this it will be much appreciated!
  11. Cheers Tuliq! We've got it all working now with the two codes you posted above. Wish I could be of any assistance with your bis_fnc_dynamicText-positioning request. I keep an eye out if I come across something that might be useful!
  12. Thanks for the great script Tuliq! We got everything working except for the weapon part. Please correct me if I overlook something! Do I need to setup a configFile "CfgWeapons" manually to display the killweapon? Or do I need to define _killweapon in someway, which is not in killTicker.sqf by default? (Despite you have excluded the weapon info due to the fact it does not work correctly with grenades and such, we would like to implement it.)
  13. Thanks for the input Mindstorm! I made loop.sqf with your code. However I fail miserably in executing this... I have zero understanding of scripting so far, so its all trial and error for me at the moment. nul = [] execVM "loop.sqf" How do I execute the script in the init field of an object or vehicle? Or should I arrange that via a trigger or init.sqs instead of merely an object's init field?
  14. Thanks Steve! I managed to get custom music playing from any object/vehicle (finally!) by editting the following in it's init : this say3d "track1"; Next thing for me to accomplish is having this function : 1. loop (I am gonna search for this function accordingly.) 2. implement A-Suicidal's script to have the option to turn say3d on or off, or skip to the next custom song for example. I didn't manage to get this working with say3d. ---------- Post added at 13:39 ---------- Previous post was at 13:25 ---------- while {true} do { say3d "track1"; //Replace with the name of your song sleep 169; //Replace with the length of your song in seconds }; So far I got this. But something is fundamentally wrong with this code I mention above. Lookin' further.
  15. Thanks for your reply Froggyluv! Unfortunaly Maven's files are removed aswell I notice, so i cannot see the stuff he created.