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  1. mknechtel

    Full Screen NVG

    Since dropbox decided to end its public folder here is a new download link for the mod.
  2. mknechtel

    Full Screen NVG

    Hi everyone. This may be a bit late in some cases but here is an updated download link for the mod. It is confirmed working as of today.
  3. This is what I have found so far. Errors When opening the inventory screen this error is given "equip\w\w_hunters\data\ui\icon_swt_helmet.paa" not found. The guard uniform has no texture in gear menu The Hunter coveralls need updated textures in gear menu Hunter SWAT helmet has no texture in gear menu (see opening inventory error) The hunter and doctors clothes do not show in the inventory screen and therefore unable to be taken The Pilot helmet icon in the inventory screen needs updating/changing Suggestions Add Hunter sidearm plus ammo to Hunter stuff box Hunter sidearm should have a better name (like Hunter .45) Hunter smg rifle should have better name (like Hunter MK20 or even Hunter AR) (its not a sub-machine gun) Black boots could use better textures Hunter pants texture could use changing Textures on UGV's could use higher resolution textures (especially the sides of the UGV) SUV needs hunter camo or black texture Change name of pbo to something like Hunter_Tejkr.pbo because the name Hunter.pbo is too generic and conflicts with other mods that may have the same name. (I already had a mod called hunter) Other When using the Speed of Sound Beta sound mod and after removing the silencer from the Hunter pistol and shooting the gun the following errors are given "Sound _SCOPE not found", "Sound _FPV4 not found", "Sound _FPV3 not found", "Sound _FPV2 not found"
  4. Always happy to test new addons. Send me a link when you get a chance.
  5. mknechtel

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    I have been waiting for years for someone to add a tractor trailer vehicle to Arma. Logistics are my favorite part of the Arma series and its been sorely lacking in the logistics area. On another note, are there any plans to port this to Arma 3?
  6. mknechtel

    Full Screen NVG

    Yes I have, and it works fine. It should work with most mods.
  7. mknechtel

    Full Screen NVG

    If anyone is interested I have updated (with the author, bravo6's permission) the Full screen NVGoggles to work with Arma 2 OA. Download: @fullnvgoggles See several posts below for an updated link See spoiler for permission Edited Apr 16, 2016 new download link