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  1. Tyrsero

    Gorets-K MRAP vehicle

    Excellent job as always, man! I love this truck, and the detail is great too! Your vehicle add-ons are by far the most quality ones I've ever seen!
  2. Tyrsero

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    Shame, it's not like it's difficult to go to Wikipedia and just type "Victory Day" ;)
  3. Tyrsero

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    Of course Russia did alot in WWII, for example they invaded Poland together with Nazis, supported them, and did things like Katyn Massacre. If not Nazis betraying Soviets it would keep happening. No idea how could you be proud of such tyranny which was the Soviet Union, it did more harm than good. Also of course, Russia is much different than Soviet Russia, so just to make things clear, I am talking about Soviet Russia now. Also, this forum is not Russian only, don't be selfish and try to make people celebrate tyranny, you could just aswell make a thread about 8th May and Soviet Russia would get some credit too, because they were the part of Allies too. Simple, next time do some research and think before you will make a thread that will lead into uncomfortable discussions. EDIT: P.S: Apparently Soviet Union was obsessed about making themselves look like real heros with no cons. Remember the photo made by Yevgeny Khaldei which shows a Soviet soldier raising the flag over Reichstag? Apparently they were so afraid about the fact that the soldier was wearing two watches on each wrist that would ruin their reputation, so they censored it. There are alot of things you don't know.
  4. Tyrsero

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    There would be always a better way to start this thread, maybe by not bringing tyranny into the topic, in other words, the Soviet Union. The Victory Day in Europe is on 8th May, why did you choose the Soviet Victory Day instead of the European one if that's obvious it's going to bring some flame? Why not just celebrate 8th of May with everyone instead of just trying to glorify Soviets that didn't do anything good at all after the end of WW2?
  5. Tyrsero

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    Being a drama queen won't help this discussion too.
  6. Tyrsero

    Norwegian newspaper using ARMA 2

    Damn it boys, who is the spy here, HUH?!
  7. Tyrsero

    Norwegian newspaper using ARMA 2

    Haha, just like some american news have broadcasted gameplay of ArmA 2 where two techies with Dshk shoot a Mi-8 as "Footage of war in Chechenya". Then they apologized because it was in-game footage and not real one. SO REALLISTIC!
  8. Tyrsero

    Norwegian newspaper using ARMA 2

    The game indeed looks almost reallistic.
  9. Tyrsero

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    That's being said, the topic of Soviet Union is really difficult. Lots of people dislike Soviets because they did alot of bad things, lets say they were the continuation of the Nazi tyranny. People just don't want to respect them for things they've done.
  10. Tyrsero

    Binmod Release Thread

    Can't you use a normal file hosting service, for example Mediafire? The links you provided use just awful hosts.
  11. Tyrsero

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    Hmm... Even though they indeed defeated the nazis, on the second hand they weren't much better than nazi's themselves.
  12. Tyrsero

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    I might be wrong, but through reading this topic, apparently both sides of the conflict are bad, because they kill civilians and journalists. That might sound wrong, but if that's what happens in Syria, then why not just leave them sort this out? If they don't want any western countries to know that then we should leave them alone aswell.
  13. Tyrsero

    OFP Nostalgy Nights

    Well, if 1.99 is really that bad, then I have no idea why there is 1.99 and 1.99 forced in Steam version. :/ I'd really love to play MP but 1.99 doesn't let me to.
  14. Tyrsero

    WWII MP Released!

    Thank you very much! :D
  15. Tyrsero

    OFP Nostalgy Nights

    Just curious, why CWA 1.99 is an abomination in your opinion? For me it works all fine.