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  1. Does anyone have any idea if none of the stuff in this thread works? I have tried everything and moved files around in Steam Apps and nothing. Annoying thing is it comes up in top right of screen when running program! I also stuck Jedro's Taxi's in and that worked straight away (Nice work Jedro)! The ONLY possible thing it could be is the weird named app. Does anyone know the exact name of the file to run as Administrator as I believe i have tried them all, less the files that can't be opened (.vdf, .dat, .pbo, .paa, .cpp etc...) The DataCachePreprocessor that i run as administrator always comes up with "Program might not have installed correctly" no matter if I re-install it or accept it as being installed correctly. It then moves on to the CD key that is on Steam Clipboard. Go into game and it is ticked in expansions. It is in the Top right corner (As is Jedra's Taxi's now). Nothing on main screen, Free Flight, Editor, Time Trials! What the hell am i doing wrong?
  2. Kn0cker

    Take On Taxi !

    Jedra - It was just that - Didn't work without the Update. Nice work :cool:
  3. Kn0cker

    Take On Taxi !

    I downloaded it, opened RAR and added the 3 files to the TOH file (direct copy and paste into folder). I have ticked the boxes for add ons and restarted the game. They come up, but when i try the taxi's one, it places 5 of us in a field with no chopper and when i go to restart it says there are no helicopters in file! No doubt this is an issue on my part as i believe the 5 peeps are the same as the start of 09: The Shakedown which i was about to start. I am new to this adding files malarkey and have more than likely buggered it up somewhere along the line or my version needs to be updated. Note, at time of writing this i am on the CD version (No update) and hopefully within the next 24 hours will be on the updated and all singing and dancing Steam version. Any advice so if i put this onto the steam version i don't cock it up?