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    How to use steam content from other users?

    I have purchased it in steam. But my internet is so slow that it takes months to download 13GB! And I don't wanna keep my PC on at night because of power issues. ( I'm from India :mad: ) But I have high speed internet at my college but they have blocked steam in their firewall. So I downloaded a pirated Arma 3 DVD from torrent site (Reloaded version). But steam only detects the game but doesn't let me play it without downloading it again. So what I'm expecting is a steam backup of the game which I can download from college and activate it in my steam account at home. I would appreciate it if someone from BI send me the backup personally.
  2. I have purchased Arma 3 in steam recently. Since my friend has already purchased and downloaded the game, I don't wanna downloaded the whole game again. So can I use his downloaded game and activate it in my steam account?
  3. Well as a gamer I love steam and its services.. But the people like us with creepy internet services (In India and other such countries) downloading games with steam is nearly impossible thing. So it will be great if you guys (officially if possible!) seed a torrent or give direct download link with resume support of highly compressed package of steamcontent of the game it will be easy for us to buy the game and enjoy steam features as well. Or you can distribute the dvd with steam content and the activation key of steam.
  4. okay first thing first.. I'm from India. And as all Indians know we don't have any internet provider that can give speed enough to download 10-20 GBs.. And we don't have constant supply of electricity.. So downloading such a huge game from steam is again pain in the ass. So all I request from BI is that release some dvd with steam content of the game. So we can just copy them over to steam dir. I think with steamworks sdk it wont be a big deal..