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  1. Whats the status of the fly-by scripts?
  2. My .RPT file is nothing but a mixture of these lines of code. Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsext-jetair-wind1.wss' Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsdistant.wss' Hope this helps out in some way.
  3. I downloaded the updated version off of Play WithSix and i no longer have the Event handle error but i still have absolutely no sound. Im using CBA and everything so i dont know what is causing this clash.
  4. Im getting a missing Event handler when i use this for some reason. Any reason why this might be? The error is very vague.
  5. Dirkyyyyyyy

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    A quick question about your Radio Operator. Is his back pack radio at any point going to be ACRE compatible? I will give you the best tasting cookie if you say yes ;)
  6. Any way we can get this on Play withSix?
  7. Dirkyyyyyyy

    Squad.xml not working properly

    Whats the size of your pixtures? I've tried 128x128 and 256x256 and they dont work.
  8. The patch worked to keep the planes but now all my soldiers are getting "scope" error messages. Any ideas?
  9. Dirkyyyyyyy

    daveygarys Rangers

    Am i missing something on how to get the Maxillo Face shield? I thought it was in a box or something but even when i try to add it in with an addWeapon command i get a config bin error, help?
  10. Many thanks! I would love to get ahold of that patch. :)
  11. Im having the same problem as the comment above. When i go to the Tac Air selection the only thing there is the Birddog. I'm asking other people in my group to try as well and they are having the same problem. We use SixUpdater if that help at all. =/
  12. Just wondering if you were going to do anything about the skyraider disappearing when ACE mod is used? I know that it uses the same scope as the A10 in vanilla ARMA. Any way to change that scope to something else or make it its own thing entirely? We would love to use your mod but not having napalm raining down from the skyraider to dig us out of a tight spot is making us quite sad. :'(