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  1. SA Matra may i ask kindly to ask for the script that you use to press the windows key to show the names of players nearby? it would be awesome to have this for i am currently doing, i will also put credits to you for my clans edit for wasteland it would be awesome to have that script thanks :)
  2. I was wondering if someone knows how to keep the medics healing abilities but have a normal inventory kind of like the Bonesetter? There is already a thread like this that COULD help but its the opposite for what i'm aiming for but i am unable to post links but i will quote it "Hello, I am wondering how to have a custom class have the same inventory space as the Medic/Corpsman, but be able to do a full heal. Does anyone know what I would need to know in the config line, of the addon?" "The following line would go under the class name of the new unit you are creating. That should give him the same inventory slots as a medic and the ability to heal weaponSlots = 1 + 4 + 8 * 256 + 2 * 4096 + 2 + 4* 16 + 12*131072; attendant = true; Example: class New_Unit : Old_Unit { weaponSlots = 1 + 4 + 8 * 256 + 2 * 4096 + 2 + 4* 16 + 12*131072; attendant = true; }; " I am unable to reverse that effect :( ~TGS