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  1. Looks great Saxøn and look forward to putting this mod up on some Day0 servers when it is ready. We are pushing ADFUNCUT on some PvP servers soonish and would love to have your mod on in the future.
  2. mrnemesis

    Altis Life RPG

    Cheers Tonic for releasing your life mod to the great unwashed masses :) The Day0.com.au AU/NZ community had a blast on it last night and really appreciate all the hard work you have put in to this mod.
  3. Hi mate had the same error but mine was caused by having an old steam install of arma 3 on my server in addition to my 3 other steamcmd installed dedicated installs. I fixed this by logging into steam on the server and updating the steam install of arma 3 alpha to beta. Then all the steamcmd installed dedi's worked with out the error you mentioned.
  4. Just installed the 0.6 patch on my dedicated server and on start up am getting this message: No entry 'config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.x' The server shows ups up and when anyone tries to join a mission it boots people back to the lobby or mission selection screen. Checked the RPT and it is full of no entry warnings. Tried the following: steamcmd re validated all files reinstalled the entired server via steamcmd tried all settings on default, including missions reinstall directx Any ideas guys?
  5. Thanks for the info Harry. So this problem only effects people who have both the native steam client install and then have used the steamcmd method to install further servers. Solution just update everything or remove native steam install if you no longer use it.
  6. Bravo17 I get the exact same RPT as you mate. I can see 0.6 servers running fr other people, wonder what we have done different... Anyways back to trouble shooting :( ---------- Post added at 23:54 ---------- Previous post was at 23:28 ---------- Fixed it. Had to update the original copy of ArmA 3 on my server(from when we had to run -server) before the other steamcmd installed versions in their own individual folders would work. Looks like the current build references game files outside of the folder the arma3server.exe resides in.
  7. Updated both client and server to 0.56.104778 via steam and now no users can join any of my servers. No changelog is available to see if this is official or not. Am running the servers using the -server tag. Any help greatly appreciated as this has shut down our 5 server community!!
  8. You seriously can't deal with the fact that for a few of us using VM or WINE got around the single instance restriction and for us this WAS a solution. All I heard from you in this topic was negativity and whining and frankly you are either a troll or trying(unsuccessfuly) to wag some sort of e-peen or overly self important. Did you think if you cried and complained enough that you could dictate the developers project schedule? If so then I suggest you delete your forum account and move on cause you are NOT helping this community. I have said my piece, make of it what you will WalkerDown but I am done with you and your type.
  9. Hey Mods please mark as solved as using VM's or WINE provides a solution to the multiple server restriction per physical machine. Have been running 5 servers extremely successfully since 0.56 release..... Also look forward to the dedi server making it to the alpha normal branch, great work guys!!!
  10. Hey thdman1511 if the MPMission suggestion doesn't work just jump on the Day0 teamspeak(ts.day0.com.au) and we can talk you through the problem. Also we a have few modified missions using the ADFUNCUT mod about to go live on one of our servers shortly.
  11. It makes perfect sense!! It gave me a solution to a temporary problem. It even gave me greater granular control of server administration and extremely simple way to bring up new servers. As for wasting CPU, RAM, HD resource, that's just rubbish, they are doing exactly what they are designed to do, run a service for people to use. For some perspective my single server is successfully running 5 x ArmA 3 servers(2 public, 3 private), a red orchestra server, a chivalry server, a Teamspeak server and sits at 60% CPU and 20-30Mbps network and 80% RAM usage. So without being facetious by suggesting throwing money at a solution I have presented a solution to the current multi server issue. What's your solution?
  12. Funny this is exactly what I did and now I have 5 servers running off the same machine. This virtual crap you speak of isn't that hard to configure, runs pretty good and has some benefits with non shared mpmissions folders and the ability to give different sub admins full control of individual servers. So instead of debating the pros and cons of a dev decision to remove features in an alpha build, I invested some time and a large helping of google and got multiple ArmA servers running on a single machine. I realise this could be all made moot in a day, week, month or whenever a dedi server that can handle multiple instances is released. I am fine with this as I realise this is alpha. On a side note I guess I was more motivated than most as dedicated server rental in Australia for our server is $350 per month :)
  13. Well I got multiple ArmA 3 servers running on a single physical server but had to use Virtual Machines(VM). This only really works if you have a full control of a dedicated server. Anyways i used virtualbox for the virtual machine host and the free 180 days trial of windows server 2008 r2 VM. Setup port forwarding in the host OS and on each VM and I now have multiple arma servers running on a single box. Should get me through until the dedi server exe has been developed fully. BTW making additional servers was just a matter of cloning the VM inside virtual box, changing the ports on the VM and in the server.cfg.
  14. Um should work fine in a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a self contained windows server install which with a a few port forwarding rules should allow me to run more servers on the same physical box. I will take a slight performance hit but it should work. Will keep you posted.... BTW you can get windows server 2008 r2 on a 180 day trial so more than enough time for the dedi multiplayer exe to get multi instance functionality.
  15. WOO HOO Got my server working, not sure what did it but it looks like one of the following fixed it: - Server hard restart - Remove and re-add firewall rules in windows 2008 r2 firewall MMC - Added direct port forwarding rules rather than allow full access to arma3.exe in firewall rules - Installed DEV branch and then reverted to normal alpha branch. Sorry I can't be more specific I was getting frustrated and didn't record the order I did the above tasks. Thanks to all who gave me suggestions and help. Now to make my Virtual Machines to run more than one ArmA 3 server on the same box.
  16. UPDATE: Single server instance using the -server method on dedicated server still does not let users join. Exactly same symptoms as Twix above. Have tried: - fresh install of server - moved server config to game root drive - ran with bare basics of options in shortcut - ran with steam in offline and online mode - reinstalled latest physx on server(as per Dwardens suggestion) - tried with multiple clients Just about exhausted all my options, any other ideas?
  17. I can't even get 1 server to start mate... Also just found heaps of this error in the server rpt when a user tries to connect: Server error: Player without identity incontrovertible (id 803292961) BTW have this users permission to post his details.
  18. OK tried a fresh arma 3 install on server with no mods, missions or other files(eg acre user config) and the problem still persists. Also tried with clean clients(ie no mods in the install directory). Had a few community members try and connect and same problem, freeze on startup screen. If you want to try to connect filter by day0 in multiplayer browser, I only have 1 server up atm called Day0.com.au | Server #1 | COOP
  19. Thanks guys, trying your suggestions right now and will be doing a full server reinstall. Just to confirm with you guys, you are running 0.56 using the -server method to run a server?
  20. Thanks for the update DnA. I get no errors both in the console, rpt or server.log. The console shows the user connecting but they get stuck on the splash screen with the "this is a alpha" message at the top right. I have tried with/without restarter.exe, without missions set in the server.cfg, a single instance only, and with steam in online and offline mode and still no joy. Don't know if that helps.
  21. I would if I had it? Wasn't deployed in the latest update for the alpha branch. No changelog to say it is needed nor a link to a dedi server. Are you running a dedi server.exe? If so where did you get it and where is the supporting doco?
  22. If possible please could I have a definite Yes/No to will the next alpha branch update force me to run a single -server instance on my server? Or will the dedicated server binary be released with the ability to run multiple servers? Some context, I run the Aussie Day0.com.au community and we have 5 servers and being forced to a single instance will pretty much shut this community down. Before the masses throw in the 'it's alpha' comment, this implementation shows a development process out of touch with sane community management practises. The ArmA 3 community has suffered a serious blow due to the actions of the latest hack and adding a mad restriction like this to the main alpha branch is suicide. Seriously guys hold off on these changes until you can deploy a dedicated server binary that can handle multiple instances.
  23. mrnemesis

    Supporter Edition Credits?

    Out of curiosity is there any way to know if you are in the first 2500? Had a group of us Aussies try to get in the first 500 but the shop had a meltdown for us.
  24. For all the Aussies/Kiwis we will hopefully be running sbats(stabs) mod on passworded Day0 server this weekend. More info on this event and this mod is available here.
  25. mrnemesis

    ArmA 3 Alpha Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    Thanks for all the time and effort in making this guide mate, helped heaps. When I get time I will post my benchmarks on a lower end PC to show the benefits to slower rigs.