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  1. Hey, I'm pretty new to all this, so don't take my answer as a dead cert. Assume your second to last trigger is correctly done, try adding this line to your last triggers on act. box. and change the box on bottom left to countdown and put 5 in each of the boxes below. Min: 5 Mid: 5 Max:5. that will add a 5 second delay before ending the mission as it is always nice to savor your win before the mission ends. "END1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; This code brings up the nice fuzzy ending that you see in the show cases. Give it a try hopefully it will work. Other than that, you may just have a typo somewhere. skip
  2. skipspence

    Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    Thanks for all the help JW Custom, learnt a considerable sum from looking through your SQF. and discussing it. Must say I found particuarly useful you listing the arguments, so thanks for that! Skip
  3. skipspence

    Add supressor, loadout

    I used this line: this addPrimaryWeaponItem "muzzle_snds_H"; seems to work for me.
  4. skipspence

    Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    The reason I wanted to use it was, when you place the module you can set the building occupation between 0.0 & 1. I have it set to 0.5, so half are inside and half are outside, also kind of hoping they would patrol into and out of the building.. So because the module only spawns units and is not a unit itself, the USPS.sqf will not handle any of the troops spawned? I was of a thought that maybe the module would apply the line to any soldiers it spawns initialization line. Any thoughts on how I should be executing it? Tom
  5. skipspence

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Thanks again, I've seen the tutorial but will watch the rest of his for further insights. Skip
  6. skipspence

    Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    I'm executing it through the initialization line on the module: nul = [this, 0, "spawnMarker", "patrolMarker", 0, "SAFE", "RED", 100, "LIMITED", "FILE", 0, 30, 0] execVM "USPSnoplacement.sqf" Which I guess is executed when the module is activated at the beginning of the mission. I commented out the three lines above and saved the SQF as USPSnoplacement.sqf. The main reason I'm trying this module is because it nicely places soldiers within buildings and guard towers for me. Been testing it most of the afternoon, they gave me a run for my money when I assaulted them, but when ever I spawn myself as OpFor just to have a look at what they are up to they tend to do very little. Skip
  7. skipspence

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    Yes that makes sense thanks alot for taking the time to explain it to me! So when you refer to player, that can be triggered by any human player if you were playing 4 co-op? Also the trigger, will that one only activate within the radius or is it looking across the map for its condition to be met and triggered? I'm still getting the hang of triggers and at what point they are radius based (such as not present, opfor) or an end mission trigger I used !(alive "unitnamehere").Which detects across the entire map. Skip
  8. Hi again, I got the modules working, turns out I was missing one foolish little thing, the "alive", in ! (alive truck1). could not for the life of me find it. Is it possible, instead of setting the set task destination to the vehicle truck1. to assign it to another module (one of the site>OpFor>base) in some way. or would it be better to create a trigger that detects when all opfor within the area I placed the (site>OpFor>base) module are dead. Basically what I am trying to do is replace the truck1 from the example with the site module I have placed, so the objective is to clear the OpFor from the base. Skip
  9. skipspence

    Ultra Simple Patrol Script

    Hey JW Custom, Thanks for the script. I have a question, I want to add the patrol script to a Module (Site>Opfor>firebase) to make them patrol as my tests they all are very static. Is this possible? To remove the randomisation in the spawning do I just have to remove (the red part): nul = [ this, 500, "spawnMarker", "patrolMarker", 500, "SAFE", "RED", 100, "LIMITED", "FILE", 0, 30, 0] execVM "USPS.sqf" or are there parts within the USPS.sqf that need altering as well? Skip Edit: Just been speaking to a friend, if I remove those lines its going to change the order of the argument and break everything. So do you think setting them to "0" will mess with the modules ability to place the soldiers where it sees fit? ---------- Post added at 13:12 ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 ---------- ok, so I commented out lines from your USPS.SQF for men, air and vehicles and the module spawns the men, though I am not sure if they are running the script. They seem pretty content to stand still. //{_x setPos _ranPos} forEach units _grp; //{vehicle _x setPos [(_ranPos select 0) + random 50, (_ranPos select 1) + random 50, _flyInHeight]} forEach units _grp; // {vehicle _x setPos [(_ranPos select 0) + random 25, (_ranPos select 1) + random 25, 0];} forEach units _grp; from your USPS.SQF for men, air and vehicles and the module spawns the men, though I am not sure if they are running the script. They seem pretty content to stand still. Skip
  10. Hi there, I have followed all the instructions, managed to have the task display in the map. I also have a way point on the HUD display in 3D world to locate my target. The problems I'm having is that once I kill my target "bob" the way point remains, as does the task. How do I go about getting the task to update to complete? also the possibility of a task completion notice coming up in the 3D world? After that how would I go about adding a black out command followed by end mission? Skip
  11. skipspence

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    First off, thanks Clarkey. That script works nicely! I am completely new to the Arma 3 editor, I was wondering if you could tell me what this line actually means "vehicle player != player;". I assume the first part means playable vehicle and after the equal means when player is in playable vehicle? I guess what I'm trying to do is understand the logic in the script line to help myself slowly learn how it all works. Sorry to be a pain. Many Thanks Skip