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    A gamer from Queensland Australia, trying to learn modding the game Arma 3, been a huge fan of the entire series.
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  1. austina1986

    Arma Reforger - Artwork / Photography

    Mods: AusG3 Modern Combat Unit - TheAussieMerc (austina1986) PMAG from M4A1 Block II with PMAG - TheAussieMerc (austina1986) HK416 - Greg3d_fr AttachmentCompatibility - kalamacz
  2. austina1986

    Little Help?

    I just had a quick look, thought it was odd that it was just the pants, issue has been solved thanks to your suggestion, the "Self Insert" was not checked on just those five components. I will test but it makes sense. Thanks mate.
  3. austina1986

    Little Help?

    Hi folks, first post on these freshly opened forums. Having an issue when we play with my recently released mod package on our dedicated server. 07:52:56:251 INVENTORY (W): Item @"ENTITY:4611686018427403361" ('GameEntity','Assets/Item Pickup Models/AusG3_LowerTorso_Item.xob') at <0.000000 0.000000 0.000000> @"{117DE1349C5410A3}Prefabs/Characters/Uniforms/Pants_AusG3_Black.et" (rplID=0xFFFFFFFF) not found in replication 07:52:56:251 INVENTORY (W): Item @"ENTITY:4611686018427403362" ('GameEntity','Assets/Item Pickup Models/AusG3_LowerTorso_Item_Camo1.xob') at <0.000000 0.000000 0.000000> @"{72EC7DB1F9FF7609}Prefabs/Characters/Uniforms/Pants_AusG3_Camo1.et" (rplID=0xFFFFFFFF) not found in replication 07:52:56:251 INVENTORY (W): Item @"ENTITY:4611686018427403363" ('GameEntity','Assets/Item Pickup Models/AusG3_LowerTorso_Item_Camo2.xob') at <0.000000 0.000000 0.000000> @"{1EB84951453BF927}Prefabs/Characters/Uniforms/Pants_AusG3_Camo2.et" (rplID=0xFFFFFFFF) not found in replication 07:52:56:251 INVENTORY (W): Item @"ENTITY:4611686018427403364" ('GameEntity','Assets/Item Pickup Models/AusG3_LowerTorso_Item_Camo3.xob') at <0.000000 0.000000 0.000000> @"{FB2405A849DE6E4C}Prefabs/Characters/Uniforms/Pants_AusG3_Camo3.et" (rplID=0xFFFFFFFF) not found in replication 07:52:56:252 INVENTORY (W): Item @"ENTITY:4611686018427403365" ('GameEntity','Assets/Item Pickup Models/AusG3_LowerTorso_Item_Camo4.xob') at <0.000000 0.000000 0.000000> @"{C61020903CB2E77B}Prefabs/Characters/Uniforms/Pants_AusG3_Camo4.et" (rplID=0xFFFFFFFF) not found in replication Wondering how to solve this error? Appreciate any and all help with this one.
  4. Request for an addon? Read the description of the forum sections, it's been explained to you by a few people buddy. Regards, Austin.
  5. austina1986

    EBR Muzzle - Need Help Please!

    this addPrimaryWeaponItem "muzzle_snds_B" (muzzle_snds_B is the 7.62 suppressor, H is for the 6.5). http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_weapons/classlist?version=67 < excellent resource. Now that said, this isn't an addon you're making so I believe it belongs in the config area of the forums, but you should be fixed up now with regards to the problem you're having. Regards, Austin.
  6. austina1986

    Austin's Work in Progress Thread

    I will try that and hope it works, do you just add that as a named selection on those LOD resolutions? I will try it now regardless, thank you Alwarren. EDIT: Thank you so much Al, I did a quick google search, found out that it's not a named selection, but a named property. My flip sights are working as intended now so thank you, now to progress with the rest of the model variants. Austin.
  7. Looking good so far, keep it up, look forward to seeing them develop. Regards, Austin.
  8. austina1986

    Austin's Work in Progress Thread

    My brain is frying.. viewing the flipsight model.cfg animation in Buldozer rotates it on the correct axes, but in-game it's not on the correct axes. Guess something is breaking between O2 and A3 :/ Oh well, Austin.
  9. austina1986

    Austin's Work in Progress Thread

    M4A1 Update: Been working my backside off with the M4A1 base model, however have run into a snag that I am hoping Alwarren or another seasoned Oxygen 2 user can help me with. The issue I'm having is that I am trying to get the newly modeled backup iron-sights to flip down when there is an optic equipped on the weapon. I've got the config working, however the issue I am having is that the optic isn't flipping down on the placed BackSight_Axis, it appears to be flipping down on a centre axis and due to that is flipping down, 90 degrees but isn't staying on the rifle. If anyone can help me with this please let me know so that I can resolve the issue and continue my work. Screenshot (3d rails): Screenshot (work in progress texture): Screenshot (the flip down sight issue (zoom in to see the sights behind me): Status: - 3d rails modeled - Backup iron sights modeled - Improving textures in progress - Correcting flip up and down of backup sights in progress - Texture of backup iron sights in progress - Shortening the barrel from 16" to 14.5" in progress Again if anyone can help me with my (what I believe to be) axis problem, please post or PM me, it's quite literally holding up progress of me modeling the next parts, variants etc as I don't want to compound problems with the weapon. Regards, Austin.
  10. austina1986

    Austin's Work in Progress Thread

    Personally, that is quite literally the weapon directly out of the MLOD's from Arma 1 (other than the ejection port and bolt), I'm going to be changing things as I learn more about the editor and configs etc. I actually PM'd Alwarren about possibly taking a peek at his M4A1 MLOD's but never heard back so didn't bother him again. If it's a 16" barrel that's what Arma 1 had, which was also an M4, not the M4A1 I believe, I've got a fair bit to work on to get these bad-boys ready for release but aiming within the next two weeks to release at least something. Thanks for the post, Austin.
  11. austina1986

    Suggested ARMA 2/3 groups?

    Honestly before I suggest any groups (I know a number) what are you looking at doing, what is your attitude like towards Arma (I mean are you hardcore, casual or not give a rats?), how much are you wanting to learn, are you looking to be taught more than you know now? There's too many groups around for us to be able to recommend anything without knowing more about you. Regards, Austin.
  12. austina1986

    Austin's Work in Progress Thread

    M4A1 Update: Made large strides in my knowledge levels with Oxygen 2 and model.cfg/config.cpp's overnight. I was having a lot of issues with my M4A1 base model (barebone M4A1 with the proxies for the accessories), namely with animations not working, constant muzzle flash (zasleh) and a few other things. Not anymore, I had a deep look at my configs after reviewing a few addons I've downloaded to try and find the problem, it turned out that right at the end of my config, I was defining a class that didn't exist, but BinPBO wasn't picking it up so I was none the wiser. Anyway, I've now got mostly everything working, a few issues still outstanding however I am finally at the screenshot stage. The M4A1 pictured is WIP, it's only the barebone minimum so far. Anyone that is familiar with the Arma 1 MLOD Samples will likely know that there was no ejection port on the rifle, it was just a texture, so I had to actually learn on the fly how to remove a physical portion of the model and then enclose it to ensure no "holes" appeared in game, that was the hardest thing I've ever done on a model, maybe due to the limitations of Oxygen 2, not sure. I am going to be adding AFG/VFG's, multiple stock variants (depending on how well I can model them in Oxygen 2 of course), alternate hand-guards, possibly even magazines for that little touch of something unique. Now that I have grasped the basics of Oxygen 2's rtm construction (for customised weapon holding animations) I will be able to make custom animations for each of the AFG/VFG variants that I make. Anyway, TL:DR? Just look at the screenshots of the basic M4A1 model with working accessories. Shots: Status: - Muzzle flash working as intended, still an issue with the muzzle flash when a suppressor is equipped (appears under the weapon instead of at the tip of the suppressor) - Custom hand animation created by me - Ejection port modeled into the rifle - Bolt modeled into the rifle and animated - Magazine animates when reloading (very basic hiding of the magazine at the moment, reappears toward the end of the soldier hand reload animation) Current Planned Versions: M4A1 with 2 different VFG models (I may make versions on top of this with the foregrip at different lengths on the rifle to give a bit more variation) M4A1 with AFG model (again will likely have this positioned at multiple positions on the bottom rail) M4A1 with holding the magazine well (think that's what it's called, not a military person) M4A1 with the M203 (if I can do it, not making any promises as I am unsure at this time) M16A4 Update: Thanks to my new found knowledge of making hand animations, I will be working through more variants of the M16A4 rifle. At this point I may even attempt to get the M203 variant across from the old MLOD's, this is unconfirmed, I have to see if I can do it myself. At this point, planning to create a better model of the VFG on the rifle and place it at different positions on the rail, the same with an AFG at different intervals on the rail for variation. Not really too much more to add with regards to the M16A4's, no new screenshots due to my time being taken up by my M4A1 troubleshooting. Helmets Update No new developments with the helmets, they are on the back-burner due to my concentrating on the weapons. I've not heard about any game-breaking issues with them so I'm not too worried about it. The vest is the same story, I'd rather get the weapons finished to a point of release instead of starting on 6 projects and never getting them out the door. Suggestions are welcome, ideas and feedback also a bonus for me as I am learning as I go, Austin.
  13. Issue resolved, was a typo on my configs. All my animations are now working correctly. Regards, Austin.
  14. Wasn't sure where to ask this, but this will hopefully be the right place. My issue is that I am trying to configure my M4A1 in oxygen 2, I have gotten it showing in game, hand placement correct however I cannot for the life of me figure out muzzle flashes or magazine reload animations. First things first I will say that I have added the zasleh proxy and also assigned the "\a3\data_f\proxies\muzzle_flash\muzzle_flash_rifle_mk20" to the zasleh proxy as per in the Arma 2 Weapon to Arma 3 help page. I then load into the game and the model is showing a constant muzzle flash as soon as the weapon is picked up. I am not sure where I've gone wrong and can't find any information on google about what could be causing the problem.The second issue I'm having is that I cannot get my magazine to hide (I have the physical magazine named magazine in the name selections), have added the following to my model.cfg class magazine_hide { type = "hide"; source = "reloadMagazine"; selection = "magazine"; minValue = 0.000000; maxValue = 1.00000; hideValue = 0.220; unhideValue = 0.550; }; However even with that the magazine is always visible. If anyone is able to help or point me in the right direction please do, I've looked at ToadBall's example M16A4 addon and his proxies are the same, same named selection for zasleh (name selection also covers the muzzle flash from above) and it doesn't work, my weapon is also configured the same way as his M16A4 model with regards to the magazine so that has me stumped too. Appreciate any help anyone can provide. Austin.
  15. austina1986

    Attempting an Animation Mod

    I would strongly suggest you start out very simple, there's some good tutorials around for animations in oxygen 2 but start with the basics and you might have more luck. I've personally only just started with the animation system on oxygen 2 (making custom weapon hand animations) and it's quite in-depth. Good luck with your concept mate. Regards, Austin.