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  1. Thank you Paul, thats an Idea that i am working on now. Ich will check this out. Steam Client and official ArmA3 Launcher are fine too. i dont like the combo: SteamCMD Updater File and PlayWithSix/SyncWithSix anymore. That worked for me but it was to slow and i think PWS network/page is for me to buggy.
  2. Hello, how can i use (download and update) Steam Workshop Mods on my Windows dedicated Server? I know the Command +workshop_download_item 346110 496735411 but it fails everytime with no response error. What could i do? I dont like PlayWIthSix Network because its to slow and clients doesn't run fine.
  3. nightshift

    Edit created units?

    How can i edit my own created units? Change graphics etc ?
  4. nightshift

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    are there any radio boxes now ?
  5. nightshift

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    hey, how can i use the 148 ? i dind't find it...i only see the default 343 in inventory and in editor..where is the 148 and how to assign it to players ? how can i assign both radios ?
  6. nightshift

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    mh none of this keys working. There is no ingame hud and menus about acre. only acre is connected message, teamspeak message is: ACRE2:Version: Arma Connected: Yes ARMA3 and Steam are both in newest version and everything looks fine but the keys dont work ingame. resetting to default arma3 keybinds has no effect. Userconfig\acre2 is there in game folder. whats wrong why i cant press any key ? are there radio boxes too ?
  7. Hey is it now with new beta possible to share modsets/collections ? and how can i do this ?
  8. hey i get that output on this website for alle my server (arma3 and also my space engineers) server but i does not work ingame and in steam server list. but why there are many dedicated servers with running steam list ? edit: fixed with adding -ip=hostip parameter in startconfig. only issue is that i cannot really search in steam client server browser (i cannonet search) server name parts. i need to enter the whole server name.
  9. thank you that solved it
  10. hey guys, i have enabled verfiySignature on my windows stand alone serers. Since games and servers are 1.20 there comes a message thats tells me that there are missing kart dlc bikeys ? what can i do. i cant find this files in key folders in game folder or server folder ?
  11. whats update the update with own repo (hosting) support and a solution for gamespy > steam switch?
  12. and here the same i have used this port settings since 6 month or something like this and it dont worked the whole time. is it right that todays is the last gamespy day?
  13. *push* new release but the same issue. i am unable to see my gamservers which are running on 1.20 windows server instance. disable the windows server firewall (security risk) does nothing. problem still there.
  14. nightshift


    thank you for the great mod...and thank you also for switch your download policy..thats a big help for clans and arma3 communitys.
  15. its frustrating same here on both linux and windows. Whats up with our servers after end of this month? i think bohemia should reply here and help us with config before end of month