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  1. As many before my post wrote, Thank You very much for the comprehensive video tutorials!! A good start for everyone, new or returning Arma fans to learn to visualize they imaginations in Arma with the help of these tutorials/guides. On the risk of sounding needy or ungrateful, do you see a printed version in the future? regards, Sharpy.
  2. When I started reading after a few lines I started to have a smile on my face. This is exactly what I was looking for. Having no idea about scripting/editing this fairly comprehensive guide is extremely useful for people like me. I can only commend your efforts Mikie boy for putting together such a handy little piece of art :) (using art loosely :) ) . I can only hope that you will have time to put together other tutorial/guides about editing mission creating and comprehensive scripting. Thank You very much! Your work is much appreciated! regards, Sharpy.
  3. Test1: 26.0173 Test2: 22.7568 Test3: 17.5462 Test4: 20.1545 Test5: 41.3642 OFPMark: 2556.88 Radeon HD7870 2GB Ram : 8GB DDR3 Asrock Z68 Extreme Gen4/i5-2500K CPU@3.3GHz Ingame settings during test - Not quite sure what would be the best settings but the way they are now its playable with 39-40fps (according to fraps):
  4. Done it.....agree....feels like it already needs and upgrade. :(