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  1. Alcatraz968

    Why is there an @ before some addons?

    I think it's just a community thing. Some group started it and anyone new joining just learned to add @ to there mod name. That's my 2 Cent's
  2. Alcatraz968

    Super Fast Animations

    Are you bored or just emptying your work in progress on the forums? Good work by the way, will be fun moving like a machine :P
  3. Alcatraz968

    =TSS= SLOVETIR - Scopes Love TrackIR

    Seems to work with FreeTrack also. Thanks for fixing this issue!
  4. Alcatraz968

    How can i use the Bipod ?

  5. Alcatraz968

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I have a 7.1 Headset (Razor Tiamats) and it functions fine. What Headphones you using? It could be your headphones are not 7.1, or audio devices does not support 7.1, or the bit rate might be to high for the headphones??? Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.
  6. Alcatraz968

    Vanilla domination

    http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?166-ARMA-3-USER-MISSIONS There is no "Vanilla" Domination. Each unit runs there own hack together one. I would suggested looking in the link above. Its possible someone posted there Domination.
  7. Alcatraz968

    FHQ Map Draw

    Great mod, amazed no one else has done this yet. Suggestions: Ability to delete lines with and without the mod. (Auto deletion of lines after a certain time period, unless marked to stay permanent. This would be for public servers.) Changing the Default key-binds so they can be reached with one hand on the keyboard (Example: Alt , . / )
  8. Alcatraz968

    VTS Duck Hunt

    Interesting mod. I love the range the AI engage at, and there fast responses. Flip side; They have the same accuracy as if there were firing at 300m. If you ever going to update this mod, would love to see a change to there accuracy depending on there range and scope. (P.S. Yes, i understand you would have to rewrite portions of the mod. I peaked ;p . But its such a good idea, and impacts the game play so much.)
  9. Alcatraz968

    Will the Hand Signals/gestures ever return?

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?154567-VTS-Simple-gesture-commo-rose I believe this is what your looking for (I did not read the whole post, so im sorry if this is not.)
  10. Alcatraz968

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    You ever try a server with a "Gasp" Headless client? Alot better FPS on those.
  11. Not in the core PBO's (From what 2 minutes of digging found anyway), so most likely not in the game. Some content could not be released do to time and resource constraints.
  12. Latest version as of Sunday, 25. ---------- Post added at 20:11 ---------- Previous post was at 20:06 ---------- Status update. BTC is currently broken. Not sure if its conflict issues or not with F3 Framework.
  13. http://imgur.com/wRQF2jO,cia5wgH,4jsZQIG These the screen shots i managed to get. There is more errors, but they are flashing by fast. Also when i use the crew check, i get error messages (But it functions). VAS (Latest Version) is broke, and it appears some of my other scripts are breaking or not functioning correctly. This only started happening this morning.
  14. I have a huge mission created with triggers, and some friends have confirmed the triggers work normally (On there computers). I have actually not tried the stable branch (mission is on altis), nor Stratis. But, it seems today's update for the dev branch might have done something to F3 framework. I can't give complete confirmation, but I'm getting error messages showing up from f/common folder.
  15. First off, love F3 Framework. Make mission making simpler. All except for this little tidbit. For some reason, a trigger sent to not present on OPFOR does not work correctly. The trigger goes off as soon as the mission starts. (Yes, there is OPFOR in the area) Name: Text: Type: None Activation: OPFOR Not present Condition: Mission is also on Altis. Any thoughts or suggestions? (Yes i have set "Condition:" to this, and a few other different commands)