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    Xbox Controller Better Mapping

    So I just tried mapping the Xbox 360 controller, seems the situation hasn't improved at all since the Alpha. I couldn't find a way to map analogue infantry movement (like ARMA 2 had), is there any way to do this? mapping WASD to the analogue stick just feels terrible.
  2. I'm looking to add a vehicle resupply/rearm script to my mission, has anyone made a working one that I could use?
  3. creepybumblebee

    Respawn Script?

    No problem, for the other teams just add markers with these names. Blufor: respawn_west Independent: respawn_guerrila Opfor: respawn_east Civilian: respawn_civilian
  4. creepybumblebee

    Respawn Script?

    Try changing respawn = "BASE"; to respawn = 3; and adding a marker in the editor with the name 'respawn_west' (no quotes)
  5. creepybumblebee

    The evil "G"-button!

    Wait . . . G is grenade? I thought it was the ritual suicide button from Letters From Iwo Jima!
  6. creepybumblebee

    Controller/Joystick mapping

    After a quick google search apparently Xpadder can bind to the guide button, so as long as you aren't using Steam big picture or GFWL it should be fine.
  7. creepybumblebee

    Controller/Joystick mapping

    That Xpadder profile looks pretty good, but Xpadder isn't free, and it would be nice if this functionality was built into the game. If this isn't fixed I'll probably end up getting Xpadder or something similar but for now I'll hold out for in game customization. @Screwby, if you can bind to the Xbox guide button maybe bind night vision (click toggle) and binoculars (hold toggle) to it.
  8. creepybumblebee

    Controller/Joystick mapping

    I'm having trouble mapping controls to my Xbox Controller and my friend is has the same problem with his flight stick. There are a couple of things I want to be able to do but can't seem to. 1. Mapping double tap, with the keyboard this is possible (e.g. 2x RCTRL) but I can't do this with controller buttons. 2. Mapping fire to axis, at the moment I can map fire to Right Trigger but it doesn't actually fire. 3. Mapping menu/map controls, I can't find a way to assign menu navigation/map control, also I can't find a way to map Esc to Start. 4. Enable/Disable Vibration. There is a pre-made Xbox 360 controller setting but at the moment this is pretty awful so it isn't an option to use in it's current state. Although the default profile can navigate menu's and fire, it can't be re-mapped or changed in any way. Plus there are some pretty silly control choices (e.g. Right Trigger in helicopters is mapped to both fire and yaw right, making it impossible to yaw right and throwing off aim.) I know there are third party programs but is it possible to be able to do these things natively? If anyone has had any success please help, this is really bugging me because I cant' fly with M/KB.
  9. creepybumblebee

    Windows 8 support (Both 32 & 64 ?)

    ARMA 2 works on Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit) I see no reason ARMA3 will be any different. If you're asking if ARMA 3 will be a 64-bit application, I have no idea.
  10. creepybumblebee

    Arma3 Alpha Testing Checklist

    Under controls add something like: Controller compatibility - Flight sticks/Gamepads/Wheels/etc. Controller mapping - e.g. Mapping shooting to axis, you couldnt do this in ARMA 2 without 3rd party software