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  1. Heads up all, download link for the Chernarus Template Mission is at the bottom of the initial post. Tell me what you think... We may be able to make a campaign out of these.
  2. Hi all, This is to announce the release of my new module titled Ghost Legacy. It is a Ghost Recon styled group of characters and mission configuration. I have tried to take the original Ghost Recon open-approach to mission objectives and team selection and mix it with the Ghost Recon Future Soldier personalisation of your character and your AI team mates. Throw in some UAVs and ULBs, a little bit of LEA loadout customisation and a dedicated MP OPFOR character with High Command functions to spice up our MP Coop games. As a note: this is more of a test-bed release. If there are improvements that can be made to the structure or scripting please give me a yell. Future intentions include a MSO based MP environment with dynamic team creation and dynamic mission objectives. DL Link: Ironmatter's Ghost Legacy 1.0.1 on Gamefront Armaholic Page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19549 Image Image Image Image New Chernarus Template Mission Ironmatter's Chernarus Template Mission on Gamefront Chernarus Template Mission at Armaholic Requires GLT's LHD addon by Myke
  3. Hi all, As some may know I released Ghosts for A.C.E 2 a couple of years ago bouyed on GRAW2's lack of epic-ness and depth that left me wanting. I find myself drawn to create another addon, this one following the wake of GRFS. What I am creating this time is at present a template addon to which missions/campaigns can be created using a thematic core based on what they tried to achieve in GRFS and what more resembles the Orginal GR. I'm playing around with the idea of a branching Coop campaign almost a prologue to the GRAW saga and post GR:IT using existing weapons, equipment and tech, as the title suggests. Features confirmed: -Camo change scripts courtesy FEINT -Profile change scripts (changes headgear of AI team members...purely aesthetic) -Pick your squad members from a selection of GR characters or MP Coop players, unpicked units form HC squads ready for your commands. -Use of High Commander Module to wield additional assets What I am in need of: -Mission writers both Coop and adversereal -Voice actors What I would like as a cherry on top: -Character modelers And in recognition of @Lightspeed_aust's campaigns and @Club-on's ARMA Ghost Recon II, I would like to extend a humble request to @Lightspeed_aust and @Club-on and any other keen GR fans/ARMA II modders to join me in what could be an epic tribute to the original Ghost Recon. (I haven't posted my obligatory 2 first posts to PM you guys...haha, BI forum noob). Thanks all for your time. Ironmatter [/img]
  4. @Rs3rr, no worries dude. Sorry about the delay in reply. Now, out of curiosity, are you running McNool's Tier One Operators addon? If not, that could be causing the missing textures on the characters.
  5. @JSF 82nd Reaper, Sounds awesome, I saw your thread and wip pics, very cool. Would be awesome to have the MULE and UGVs in some missions.
  6. @JSF 82nd Reaper, I'm just running through the Chernarus mission again, trying to get it to consistently load up all the features in one hit. Problem I'm having is getting tasks to transfer to team members on team switch...but I can post a beta mission if you're keen?
  7. @JSF 82nd Reaper, I have successfully landed at the South-eastern beach and at the lighthouse at the Western end of the runway. Getting in too close gets messy and I had to calm my pilots down and set them to limited speed on approach to keep them from charging into a storm of missiles. It almost becomes a secondary op clearing the SAM emplacements so that you can extract. If you want to strip back some of the SAMs feel free...though you can get in there and kill them as well.
  8. Update: I'm finishing up a Chernarus Template mission. See images below (using FHQ's Remington Pack not req'd and Smookie's Animations also not required, but still pretty cool).
  9. Cheers @JSF 82nd Reaper, Again give me a yell if something ain't working. I think a lot of the issues were scripts trying to load up...
  10. I've included an unpbo'd mission folder in the addon. Copy it out of the addon folder into your documents\arma2\missions folder so you can open it in your editor. So you can either copy just the units out of there or copy everything around the Khe Sanh which will let you team select etc. Cool?
  11. Give this release a go. Worked to fix the HC on mission startup, stop the UAV from crashing and sort out that camera. DL link above updated. Cheers
  12. Cheers for that RPT dude, I'm curious as to the camera too... I'm watching your progress with one eye and fixing issues with the other... Thanks again.