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  1. thx for the info! glad to hear it's not on my side, sad to hear that theres no fix
  2. Hey I have a problem with the sound when driving in tracked vehicles; whener ever I hit any of the WASD Keys to change direction/accerlerate/break I get sound crackling for a few seconds. This also happens when changing direction while using mouse steering. kinda like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bbI9mKajMY I have a Soundblaster Audigy SE soundcard. - already reinstalled all the drivers and Creative software, also tried with the windows only and not the creative audio drivers - tried every possible combinations of audio settings in the drivers; 16/24bit, 44.1khz-96khz, soundcard-sided sound enhancements off/on - ingame sound samples from 16 - 128 - ran ArmA3 without any mods edit: this only happens with the default sounds when using the DragonFyre sound mod the crackling is completely gone Any of you have more trobleshooting ideas?
  3. magicool

    Getting weird shadow glitches

    I have updated to 355.98 and no shadows at all
  4. Hey I don't know if I am blind or dumb but I can't find the "MapBuilder" module in the modules list? I looked through all the categories to see if it somehow went in there but nothing I only started @MapBuilder with no other mods for debug still nothing to find
  5. Hello I recently got Creative SoundBlaster Audigy SE and people can't hear me ingame over VOIP. It seems to be an ArmA II specific issue since my mic is set up correctly & it works in TS/Skype & all other games I play whihc use VOIP. Any tipps?
  6. this would have been the right thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?74039-Arma-2-Addon-request-thread
  7. magicool

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    okay,thx in the readme.txt it still says convert3d is required though :P now I get the following error .... MSVCR110.dll missing .... when running arma2p what would that be? sounds like microsoft visual C++, but I think I have the latest microsoft visual C++ installed edit: I checked there is a msvcr110.dll in my system32 also I get a couple of "acces denied" and "betalist.txt not found"(which is indeed not there) errors in the cmd: to avoid acces denied I thought maybe running arma2p as admin would help but then the cmd says "P:\ must be set" although I have a P:\ drive :(
  8. magicool

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    I have the problem that arma2p says it also requires "convertp3d" but there is no "convertp3d" under https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mikero-pbodll/files so where can I get that?
  9. Hello I want to shift the Ambient Civilans over to the Headless Client. I'm using the "HeadLessClient Auto Detection Switch"-Script so for normal AI I just put if(elec_stop_exec == 1) exitWith{}; in the first line since the Ambient Civilians are spawned automaticly by the module I have no idea how to shift them over to the HC help would be much appreciated
  10. nice work!! I love MRAPs looking forward for a release :) thx for still creating stuff for ArmA II!!
  11. magicool

    EOD Mod

    I think this mod must somehow broke with newer beta-patches, I don't think he'd leave us a completely broken mod. I placed all 4 modules tried with default inits and tried with all probabilities set to 100%, did it like shown in the videos in the OP. I haven't seen a single suicide bomber, triggerman or IED the loudspeaker is only working one time then I never get the addaction again. So am I guessing right when I say reezo abonded this project? But I'd be more than happy if some got this mod working lately and would share his experience here. Or maybe someone how has an older version of it (2.20) could PM me a link to it.
  12. thx, but still can't get it to spawn with a game logic on the wanted spot ("tent_east_ep1" createVehicle (getPosATL YX);), not even with f.a.t.a running also is it retextured for f.a.t.a or also in ArmAII:CO?
  13. magicool

    Taskmaster 2

    ah okay now it works like a charm thank you :)