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  1. Anti-Cheat program For Arma 3

    I thought that they were still going with BattlEye, it's just not implemented right now.
  2. Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    He's upset about getting free stuff?
  3. Question on Setting: Why 2037?

    I'm fine with them going down the slightly more futuristic road as long as we still see some forms of technology from today, and the past. It's only 20 years, we'd still be seeing a lot of the same aircraft used today, probably a lot of the same weapons as well.
  4. Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I just received an email from feedback.arma3.com about my low performance issues. It was just about the fact that my ticket was a duplicate of another, so they were taking it down, which is fine. But the good news is that they've 'assigned' the main performance issue ticket to someone called "dazhbog". So that now should mean that they've recognized the performance issues, and they are looking into it. It may take quite awhile for them to sort it out, but it's reassuring that BI has finally recognized the issues with the engine, and they are looking into it!
  5. Warning!! Developers read this post ...

    I can't recall the last game I played that actually allowed people to play online with cracked versions of the game. This is extremely disappointing. Just looking at the bay with the pirates, there are multiple versions with working multiplayer with hundreds of seeders. Something really does need to be done about the fact they can play online.
  6. Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    People are angry because this happened in arma 2, and I'm sure everyone expected that it would be a number 1 priority fix for Arma 3, yet nothing has been done about it, and the developers still steer clear of the topic. It's like they just don't care about optimization, and if they do, they aren't showing it. BI should at least come out and say "Oh, sorry guys, we haven't quite optimized the game for all hardware, we should have it ironed out before full release" instead of just leaving us out in the open about it.
  7. server hacking everywhere!!

    He was pointing out that being turned into a seagull is a bug, not a hack. No one ever said that mass killing wasn't. Note that your 'new game' is still in alpha, and it's going to take time for BE to get everything sorted out. Also, you can blame terrible server admins and mission creators for the poor anti-hacking. This topic has been done to death anyway. Move onto a different server.
  8. 900° Wheel turning

    If people agree with what you're suggesting, then they'll vote it up. You don't need to be a popular community member at all. I've seen several suggestions on there with over 50 people giving it the thumbs up, and I've seen at least 3 suggestions with over 400 people giving it the thumbs up. None of these were made by popular community members
  9. Hey guys, I'm relatively new to making missions. While I made a few in Arma 2, they were never advanced, and I'm looking to expand my knowledge in arma 3. I'm creating a rescue type mission, where it's the job of OPFOR - who are holding 3 civilians captive - to hold off the advancing BLUFOR trying to rescue the 3 civilians. There is no AI in the mission, including the 3 civilians, so even they will be played by members of my group. The trouble I'm having though is that the civilians will have the ability to the Ammo Crates placed down for the OPFOR, and the civilians will also be able to take gear off players that die near them. While that's obviously the most realistic approach, that's not what I want to do. I would like to have it so that the civilians do not have access to the Ammo Crates at a minimum, and I'd prefer that they cannot access players gear. Is there a way of locking particular players out from accessing gear? Cheers.
  10. [Feature Request] 180 degree turn

    This kind of thing was implemented into Grand Theft Auto IV and it completely ruined it on PC. It made it unpredictable and often uncontrollable. The system they have in place right now is totally fine, I see no reason to change it.
  11. They better have female soldiers...

    Alright then. If they've added it to the game, great, it won't enhance the game for me in any way, but great. If they haven't added it in yet, then I don't see why it should be added at such a late point in development. I see no way of it expanding gameplay in any way at all, but that's your opinion. It's literally just a female. I don't quite get how you think that's game changing.
  12. Isn't this flight model just a place holder? I was under the impression that the TOH flight model would be implemented down the road once it's ironed out.
  13. They better have female soldiers...

    Neither do I, but in this stage of development? Seriously? There are far far more important things to work on than just cosmetic features that add nothing at all. It's something that should be worked on after full release, not right now.
  14. They better have female soldiers...

    I've argued with several feminists on the feedback ticket on feedback.arma3.com over the past day, and my view on it is that it's too late for this now, and there is no point to it. It doesn't add anything to a military simulator, so I don't see why bohemia should have to waste their time on something that doesn't change their game in any way at all.
  15. Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I've spent the past 3 days playing the game on the lowest of all settings in order to gain frames, but I decided to try something today. I turned all of the 'quality' settings to high/very high, kept AA and post processing off, and kept my view distance at 1000m, and my frame rate was the exact same in multiplayer. No matter what I change any of my quality settings to, there is no more than a 1-2fps difference which is extremely weird, but a good thing I guess. This now means that instead of playing the game at a shit frame rate, and with shit graphics, I can now have good graphics while having the exact same shit frame rate. Yay, I guess?