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  1. According to somebody earlier in the thread (CBA to go back and look for it), the V/B translation from Latin to English is pretty interchangeable.
  2. Looking at it, I expect the Nikos Sialmas Twitter account is a troll. The tweets from the other ARG accounts were made several hours ago, where as the first tweet from this account was ~10 minutes ago- after the original accounts were discovered. So I'd say discard that one. I can't see BIS doing such a thing, the controversy would be too much for them. EDIT: Ninja'd by the twitter account itself.
  3. Nikos Sialmas was the pilot that was killed, that's who the monument at the southern tip of Stratis is dedicated to. Again, that monument...
  4. It keeps coming back to that monument, that location. I think it has to have something to do with that, whether it be the coordinates, the "Molon Lav/b/e" or something else. Of course, it could have something to do with Scott Miller, but I'm not sure how, given the information we have discovered thus far.
  5. Which LWP::UserAgent? There's about twenty listed, all with stuff after them, but not any named that without any suffixes.