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  1. Hey man, I know it's late and you won't see it in the 60th page, but good job indeed! I'm posting this in an Israeli Arma community, I hope you don't mind. Great Job!
  2. kostor

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Well, it's a good thing not everyone is you, because for an example, I can fly them very well. Just need some practice... Some advises: 1. don't toggle free look when flying a helicopter. use it only when needed (unless you've got some kind of track ir). 2. use the WASD and C,X only when you don't need to be very delicate with the helli. they do speed things up... 3. don't land at 0 speed. honestly, when I am trying to land like that (at 0 speed) the helli starts to spin slightly, which makes the land longer... 4. keep practice. if you think you are in danger, activate the auto-hover.
  3. kostor

    Bistore closed

    Be ready to wait... The link where they tell you to go get the keys is not running anymore
  4. When you supporters gonna get it? YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES who got problems, basically, everyone bought through bistore.
  5. First of all, try not to panic. I did when I tried to transfer money, and if I had refresh that page I would have been in some deep mess that you got into (but seems I got to a whole different mess of my own with BI). Contact support@bistudio.com, support your statement with actual proofs that you have (let's say, a bank bill or so that shows BI took from you that money). See how it will play along there. Just try to remember 2 things: 1. It's a passing thing. I guess they really didn't expect such desire for arma 3. 2. trying to talk to them via email is not going to be the most fun thing to do. They have a lot of mess with the store, and all the known problems we found with the purchase system so far that they need to fix. They won't answer right away, probably.
  6. I got DDE version through BI store, and couldn't active it also. SE is not the only thing messed up here, also DDE. ---------- Post added at 16:15 ---------- Previous post was at 16:14 ---------- I got DDE version through BI store, and couldn't active it also. SE is not the only thing messed up here, also DDE.
  7. "No purchase of this product found in your account. Please contact support@bistudio.com Fatal ERROR. Contact support@bistudio.com" anyone else? I got the purchase info and confirmation, but when I click "Download link for Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition - Steam version is HERE" I get the message above...
  8. You can see a nice example, I think, in War Thunder. You have a lot of ways to crash there, though I think it works on HP system because only sometimes you get a bad hit from a single bullet. When you ram into other plane, your wing could rip off, or your engine will die and etc... They should use kind of system like that, but when a part actually dis-attached from the helli, it won't disappear rather just fall on the ground like in halo.
  9. kostor

    Arma 3 Battle recorder

    Be ready to pay a lot of place for that, unless you are going to film ~15m... Unless you convert it to .wmv
  10. No I actually think that it's outdated information. At the beginning, the thought was that we would get to play the alpha even in 2012, and maybe bi will release it in 2012. We all know what happened in the end. Due to problems there were some delays. I think the main part is to play the alpha, at least in that clue. What if, all the clues about the monument were actually guiding us to get there in the alpha? Regarding the alpha. There are 3 servers now. Last time I checked gamespy wrote there are total of seven players on the three servers in total, yet only one was shown in the chart.
  11. Ok, if you say so. I hope the next request would be more helpful. I thought about using the Internet to find all of the web pages that the site http://m26.node-42.rv4a3.org/ has. We know that one of them is http://m26.node-42.rv4a3.org/stats, but it requires a username and password that we do not have. I looked it up online, and it seems like that when you search "site:domain.com" google will show-up everything that related to that domain.com. I tried doing this on http://m26.node-42.rv4a3.org/ with no luck. Anyone knows other way maybe? I think that if we find everything related to the domain to the terminal we would find a clue/help with the findings.
  12. 1. Maybe, but is it likely? I remember BI saying they would publish further information about the release this month. Probably that new email JH has, is the info of the release date. The rest are fine questions, but it takes a smarter man then me to answer them.
  13. What do you know/think?
  14. Anyone is able to check the terminal dialup sound? I think there is a message there.
  15. Anyone noticed "0191" anywhere? That's the Dialling code where scott "was" "born"