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  1. I understand that it's not needed here, but it *shouldn't* make a difference :( I think, perhaps, I'm too used to the unix file system, where the first / represents the root directory. Anyway, thanks a lot PuFu. I really appreciate the help.
  2. No, I haven't. I've used the same syntax throughout though, and it recognises everything else with the first \. Admittedly they're the only ones in the mat array prefixed by \ - but this doesn't appear to be a problem used in the hiddenSelectionTextures array. Trying now, anyway... Hmmm, that seems to have fixed it. I am at a loss for words at the randomness of just what ArmA deems to be acceptable. As previously stated I've used \ before other things in my config, e.g. model path, and even in a different array so surely that can't be the reason why? Well, I guess I don't have to understand here, just to observe. As a general rule should I not include that first \ ever?
  3. I've battled through the majority of problems with this addon solo (it's a learning experience for me) but this one has me scratching my head, and you'll hopefully see why. The errors I'm getting are (upon trying to preview a mission with the unit placed): Warning Message: Cannot load material file \bzly_landrover_amb\data\lr_amb_ext.rvmat. Cannot load material file \bzly_landrover_amb\data\lr_amb_ext.rvmat Warning Message: Cannot load material file \bzly_landrover_amb\data\lr_amb_ext_damage.rvmat. Cannot load material file \bzly_landrover_amb\data\lr_amb_ext_damage.rvmat Warning Message: Cannot load material file \bzly_landrover_amb\data\lr_amb_ext_destruct.rvmat. Cannot load material file \bzly_landrover_amb\data\lr_amb_ext_destruct.rvmat So these .rvmat files should be inside the "data" folder within "bzly_landrover_amb.pbo", as far as I understand. Well, that's exactly where they are. I am nonplussed. They're there, so I have no idea why it can't find or access them. I'm using BinPBO, not binarising, and *.rvmat is added to my list of files to copy directly:
  4. For anyone else that has this problem, you could also shorten the target line by creating a symbolic link to your steamapps/common folder and dropping it straight onto C:. Then your modline could be just -mod=C:/common/arma2; etc.
  5. Hi guys, I'm after some advice. First of all I'd like to say that my current setup runs ArmA II pretty damn well - but I think it should be running ArmA III better than it is. At 1600x900 I have everything on a mixture of Disabled/Low/Standard. Specs: i7-720QM, ATI 5870M (16GB 1600MHz KHX etc. etc.). The 5870M is the equivalent of the desktop 5770 card. I have the clock speed OC'd from 700MHz up to 770MHz currently. CPU is at stock currently; my particular chip is poor at OCing, but can be knocked up to 3.15GHz (stock reaches 2.8). Secondly, I've decided I'm going to build myself a rig to play ArmA III (and others, of course). Currently I've settled on a single ATI 7950 for my choice of GPU (it overclocks very well), and as for my CPU...I'm not sure whether to go for the AMD FX-8350 or the i5 3570k. I read a lot of conflicting reports and benchmarks etc. as to which is better. Tek syndicate reported double the framerate in ArmA 2: OA with the 8350 vs the 3570K. What are everyone's thoughts on this level of build and how I'll be able to run A3? Any suggestions? I'm trying to put the thing together for as close to £500 as possible, max £600.
  6. Hopefully will be updating the OP with everything from the last couple of days (though that isn't really that much) tomorrow. Also, with regards to the plane ticket - why are the date and time circled? Any significance there? And what's with the card included in the same photo. I'm willing to bet if it wasn't needed it wouldn't be there (it took effort to create). The hour of the circled time and the gate (9 and 14 respectively) are the same as the expiry date on the card above - 9/14. This could be coincidence. Do we know what the map co-ordinates of Stratis are like in-game? We could get given some in-game co-ords at some point, eyes peeled gents. edit: Why had nobody decrypted the barcode yet? edit 2: found the original ticket, it belonged to a Philip so the new name is irrelevant. Your ARG makers aren't thorough enough for us, jerryhopper, next time do the barcode too :p guessing there's nothing hidden in the barcode as if they didn't change the name to Tom Larkin, they didn't change anything else. Compared: Things that have changed: So we can discount the Tom Larkin's as unimportant. The circles in pen are also irrelevant as they exist on the original ticket. The 14 is relevant somehow, as otherwise what would be the point of photoshopping in the departure gate? It's also the year of expiry of the gold card. The date is probably just meant to make everything tie in, and apart from that we have the "e-ticket" number, with the strange "-1" at the end.
  7. Pretty sure it's a console username bro, that's why it's in the /home/ directory. How do we know for sure it's an FTP username? For what FTP server? The previous one didn't require a password. Don't forget checking the lighthouse - there's one on the southern tip of Stratis, and their meeting point on the 5th March. Also, is Tom Larkin not supposed to arrive in 2035 technically? Seeing as that's when the ARG is set...
  8. This isn't the thread for that bro. No. Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's a wreck, and one that's accurate to the environment. It's not insulting or insensitive. It's real. People that think otherwise are just trying to be offended imo. All wrecks based on real things are going to be "wrecks of a dead guy", 'cause they're wrecks. Maybe it's just a crashed plane underwater, and the ARG guys (so non-BI) are saying it's this wreck. Maybe it's just to lead us to that type of wreck and they're not connected at all. Either way I do not care, and am not offended. Unless BI included the corpse they can do whatever they like. This isn't supposed to cause a debate, so please do not debate my own opinion. Feel free to state whether you agree or disagree, as long as the post is relating to the ARG, but I am not debating anything. I think the point is that this plane wreck would tie in with the monument at the southern tip of Stratis which is clearly important to the ARG.
  9. Okay, so the Greek monument? The one for the pilot who crashed, Nikos Sialmas. His plane crashed over the Aegean sea. Tom Larkin mentions going wreck diving in his blog, perhaps he's going to be going there? And with the addition of underwater environments in ArmA 3, maybe we're supposed to find it?
  10. Nice. Maybe he went into special forces, so there's nothing available? Well, we can see the radar station in the screenshot...but I'm not sure what else we're supposed to be looking for. So, who's setting up a big ArmA3 ARG server? :p Can somebody please put all of the new people and twitter accounts into one post for me so I can update the OP? I've lost track of all the newly introduced characters. Apart from that I need to add the altisquest site and the morse code deciphering to the OP as well. Anything else? What if the A3A announcement was the intel that was being referred to, seeing as it's generally accepted that we need to do something *in* the alpha.
  11. That's true, and a good point; but it doesn't make sense. The activity/hacking would definitely be on alpha, as that's what the terminal is, so why would he be going to Bravo? That's purely the military time and date. The other scenes have them too! Who are you? One of us, or not eh? Bovin3dom is not new to the ArmA community, just to the BI forum. Also just saying. Eh? It should be a username. In the screenshot I posted on the first page, where Batto gets in, you can see there is a /home/melteme directory. On linux systems usernames each have a directory of the same name in the /home folder. (It may not be the only username.) I think it's likely it could be a call sign (as I said before, for a member of Task Force Aegis) - possibly Miller because they begin with the same letter (as I believe is often the case). Could someone be a dear and type up everything (all the lore surrounding, sources etc.) Tom Larkin, the Twitter CIA person, Miller etc - I'll add it to the first post.
  12. Usually in ARGs they release all the info for the first step all at once, then that leads to new stuff etc. - I'd be surprised if we were supposed to sit at the terminal login for more than a couple of days.
  13. Good question! Yes; on his LinkedIn it now has him as working for the company who are hosting rv4a3.org. Haven't they removed write access?
  14. Hardly! Just no new intel. Updated the OP, added spoiler tags to hide old intel that most of us know, added some things that happened whilst I was sleeping like a baby.
  15. The domain is maintained by BI staff playing the ARG though - they saw it was being abused and took it down, now it's back up, without write access, and pointing to somewhere it looks like it should have done originally. I do not think that the FTP is a troll. Not sure if AltisGeo is legit or not. It's being updated far too regularly to be BI staff I reckon ;) There is greek text on it now, it translates thus: Now there's a cypher: NEZN 3 is clearly ArmA 3, so there's our starting point. Cypher has been easily decrypted: Far too easy for the ARG, so imo this is confirmed fake.