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  1. Great job on the units Sabre, hope to see them in A3 at some point. What's the difference between regular and HS units? Don't know if it was mentioned before but there seems to be some issue with helmet shadows on Machine Gunner unit with shadows set on Normal. Having it on off or higher fixes it.
  2. Is it only me or is the suppressor too long compared to what was released in A2 addon?
  3. There was a Bowman addon for A2OA with ACRE. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18280
  4. Vilas made MSBS for A2OA, ask him.
  5. chomiq

    Arma 3 - Polish Army

    If you call this finished: http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/8610/50858534.png then you must have some guts. I wouldn't even download your "hole shit", and yet you post bs about Vilas' work.
  6. chomiq

    US Marines MARPAT Desert

    Great stuff, little tip - disable post processing if you're doing showcase screenshots. That BIS bloom truly sucks.
  7. What about using one model (lets take M4 as example) of weapon as a base and creating separate attachments to make different variants of the same gun. That would only require modder to place proper attachments points on railed guns and check if everything works well together. End user would only have to pick his attachments on a gun (which is much better in my opinion compared to pre-defined setup). Regular (non-railed) guns would only require modder to add the A3 specific options (muzzle flash etc) in order to work properly in A3. That's only my opinion, I don't know all the fancy technical stuff about editing A2/A3. I know it's not that simple as simply dragging the files to A3 dir, but it's still less work than starting from scratch again.
  8. chomiq

    Grenade system

    Sure, in current stage its kinda like CoD-styled grenade, but if they'll add other functions it might be better than what we had so far. Personally I'd prefer to stick with a keybind dedicated to grenade toss (as it is more user friendly than having to cycle between weapons), but add transition from your primary/secondary weapon to grenade throwing. You don't see operators throwing grenades with their weak hand or sth and what we have so far seems to be a little too fast.
  9. At this point it is entirely based on CPU. Later it will depend either on PhysX if available or CPU if not.
  10. chomiq

    Feedback from a good pc

    I'm surprised you managed to pull that much stuff from one sentence. Now please count the number of posts/threads in which people mention that game isn't utilizing the hardware resources properly and think how many would we actually have if instead they'd stick to one actual thread. Read that others are experiencing the same issues as OP, even those with top notch hardware. It's all over the freaking place. BIS is aware of it and at this point (unless you come up with some great in depth analysis) all you can do is sit tight and watch them work on it. That's why I tried to keep it simple and instead got ganged up by you and called a child. You don't need 50 posts to explain one guy that what he's experiencing is a global and well acknowledged issue. Looks like I'm not the one that actually needs to grow up here.
  11. chomiq

    Feedback from a good pc

    It's ALPHA, things aren't properly optimized yet. Deal with it. Ps. You don't have 8 core CPU as none such desktop cpu exists in this dimension. You might have 8 threads, but only 4 physical cores. You got fooled by AMD marketing scheme.
  12. chomiq

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    For all of those reporting low gpu usage: Launch editor and place yourself in the village area. Take note of your fps and gpu usage. After that change your weather to heavy overcast. Preview again and compare. Personally I managed to achieve 99% of gpu usage and high fps during stormy weather. With sunny weather my gpu usage was somewhere around 40-50%.
  13. Anyone else thought that due to Steam being the only universal distribution system for A3 it means that no matter what they still get the % of share no matter if the game was sold through bistore or on steam? Like some sort of distribution deal that earns them 5% of each sold copy. Ok, read OP again and I see that he mentions it. Anyway, bought A3 on steam as bistore had problems on launch day. I also bought my A2 and OA in retail store, guess I'm the bad guy ;)
  14. Check if you have C1E enabled in bios - if you DO then you need to disable it. Report if it helped.