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  1. I have gone in and tweaked a few things to mirror how we play CTI on your map. I have transferred over our old addon pack into Gossamers Warfare to have better quality vehicles and a wider variety such the MRAP, Stryker, T-80, T-64, etc. And after reading on what you have done with the current version without mando, in which some of the old guys that have been playing since the OFP days don't like, it would make for a better game for those guys. I like the mando system because it brings a more realistic feel like the VBS system I was accustom to while in the Marine Corps for combat simulation and actual flying time. But, for a video game, mando places a load on the server degrading it after a long period of time as stated. If I may, I would like to take a look at the new version and would love to take a shot at adding the Gunny's addon pack to it with the better vehicles and ships. It's been a great experience to see the CTI or the old RTS type maps like yours here. Thanks for the work put into it. Our server that has your retweak version is "Warhouse" in CO. Cheers! Gunny JD