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  1. Edit: I would also like to note that if people are savvy with scripting and want ideas implemented, just PM me. If you got the scripts, I got the time heehee. I don't mind help in the slightest - I just want to make this a fun mission :>

    I would _love_ to help, but I'll be honest, I know next to nothing about scripting/modding for Arma 2/3. I was planning on jumping in and giving it a shot once Arma 3 Beta hits though, so if you know anywhere good that I could pick up some basics, I'd be happy to offer the little help I can. :)

  2. Thank you! Means a lot :)

    1) I really like this idea. I'm imagining 4 bases scattered around the map. Each zone will send +1 point per minute to the team that owns it. And the game is over once X amount of points has been reached. I like that idea a lot. Of course, having it be toggle-able is always good.

    2)Hmm. That's an interesting idea. This might be possible by just changing the waypoints of the AI. Right now, the AI are just set on a S.A.D waypoint. This means they get easily 'distracted' and will go after whatever group is most threatening. It would be possible to just give them a DoMove command instead. Obviously, this would be less realistic but would provide the interesting effect of AI getting right up into the player's face. That would feel much more aggressive. I believe they would even follow players better into buildings and what-not. I will have to play around with it. Interesting idea.

    Can't wait to see the new version! As for your comments.

    1) If at all possible, I think toggling on/off of any win conditions would be good, because I'm sure there's some people out there that would just like to run around for hours on end trying to survive.

    2) This is one thing that Escape for Chernarus in A2 did right. I don't know how, but basically you could 'lose' the AI and be safe, but if you ran into a patrol, or an enemy chopper spotted you, next thing you know reinforcements are showing up (by truck and even to the point of AI units parachuting out of a helicopter). Definitely changes up the dynamic because instead of always being hunted, you could be safe in some areas and you actually had to decide if it was worth ambushing some enemy troops for supplies vs. the chance you'd get overwhelmed with reinforcements.

    If you feel like trying Escape, drop me a PM and maybe we can get a group to run through it together. It's very hard to do with one person, but we have 4-5 of us that play it pretty often and would be happy to have you along. :)

  3. Wanted to throw my name into the "Thank you for making this mod!" hat as well. Been playing Arma II with some buddies for a while and we've been looking for something to make us jump to Arma III and stop playing Escape from Chernarus on A2 and we think this may be just the ticket.

    Missions needs a little bit of work so there's some sort of 'goal', but otherwise it's pretty good and we've been enjoying it. Couple of comments/suggestions.

    1) Really like some of your goals of possibly having capture-able bases and side missions that give the players a goal other than 'wander around and don't get shot'. Unless someone is crazy, in reality they wouldn't just wander the island trying to survive unless they were either trying to escape the island, or had a mission they needed to accomplish. Perhaps something as simple as there's a main point everyone is trying to capture and hold on the island. Team that captures/holds it for x minutes wins? Or multiple points can be captured, while points are captured you generate points and the first team to x points wins? Whatever you do for some sort of 'winning' allow that option to be turned off as well, so people can just wander and survive if that's all they want to do.

    2) Would be cool if you could set it on how aggressively the AI hunts people. Right now we have no idea whether we're being attacked b/c we're being hunted or if we just got caught in a crossfire between Opfor/Blufor.

    3) Option to limit the amount of heli's/airpower would be nice. Now it's all or nothing. Don't mind a few enemy helis, but they seem to be all over the place.

    4) Seems great that you respawn with weapons you died with. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you respawn with full magazines for any weapons that you have. Don't know if this is a bug, or by design, just seemed odd.

    5) AI seems a bit loopy at times. Might just be part of the A3 code, but I've run up to a truck with bad guys. They stare out me out the window. Then after 20 seconds, they jump out, and go prone on the ground in front of me, looking around until I feel sorry enough to shoot them with my M9 from three feet away.

    If you haven't played the Arma 2 mod "Escape from Chernarus" it's well worth a look, just if you want some inspiration or some ideas. :)

    Thanks again and looking forward to playing this more!

  4. Loving this mission...one of the best missions/mods our group has been playing, so first off, thanks a ton for making this!

    We have actually run into one issue though and were wondering if anyone else has seen it. On occasion when we start up, one or more of the players will actually spawn somewhere not in the original prison compound. Almost looks like they are spawning underground a few thousand meters away b/c their screens stay black and they die after a few moments, and we can see their diamond icon off a ways and it looks like it's underground. Anyone ran into this before? Sometimes it'll happen with more than one person. We are using the latest (1.8) version.