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    Arma3 gameservers spotted

    "Render" might be some kind of graphics rendering test map or something, or at least that'd be my guess.
  2. Niarbeht

    Update 360

    I think a big part of this problem is that Microsoft charges quite a large sum of money if developers want to put a patch out. I believe some indie dev (the developer of Fez, I think) wanted to patch his game on the XBox 360 once and found out it would cost him something crazy like $10,000 to certify and distribute the patch. I've heard other claims of patches costing around $40,000 to certify and issue for other games. Assuming $50 per game sold, and assuming that EVERY PENNY of the sale goes straight to the developer (which it doesn't), any patch they issue is worth between 200 and 800 sales. So, if they project they're only going to anger a couple hundred players, then it doesn't make mathematical sense for them to patch it. Of course, mathematics and economics are two different beasts. Economics is a study of psychology. My guess is that XBox 360 sales weren't good enough to justify them patching that platform. Basically, XBox owners probably didn't show BIS owners enough love, so BIS probably can't justify to itself trying to hold on to a platform that doesn't give them big sales numbers when they've got ARMA 3 in the works sucking up development time. Long story short, buy a decent quality Steam box if they ever come out. And install Windows on it if it comes with Linux by default. I doubt BIS is going to be part of the first, or even second, wave of developers jumping on the Linux bandwagon. I hate to tell you, but PC is the superior platform, for me at least. I've always figured that if I'm going to spend $500 on a machine to check Facebook, I might as well spend an extra couple hundred to play games on it, too.
  3. Looks amazing! If you've made any other awesome work, though, might I suggest having some kind of clearinghouse thread or website for it somewhere that you link to in your sig? I don't wanna have to dig through the entire forum to get more stuff XD
  4. That Flashpoint Takistan MP mission is absolutely awesome. I'm about to send you a PM with some ideas to you. It'd also be cool, when you get the time, to see other maps get the MP treatment. Chernarus comes to mind, as I think the rolling hills and forests and the larger towns would make for epic amounts of fun. ---------- Post added at 18:53 ---------- Previous post was at 18:47 ---------- Well, I was GOING to PM you some ideas, but this forum has a two-post minimum before allowing PMs. Basically, the PM is going to have a whooooooooooooole bunch of ideas from me, and is going to ask for your permission to do some modifications to the file for private use (as well as asking if you'd like copies of the modified files in case you want to integrate any ideas I have back into your own work). Sorry to the mods if this double-post is an abuse of the rules in any way. EDIT: Thanks, BIS. You've made potential collaboration difficult. D:<