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    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Same problem here - I have created a Imgur Album with Screenshots Link - Screenshots are taken with almost default Settings (only Depth of Field reduced to half): http://imgur.com/a/EeVPo -HDR is Standard -Tried different Configurations of Antialiasing -Tried diffenent Postprocessoptions -Videocard Drivers are updated -Gameversion is newest Stable Edit: Just testet all Air Vehicles. The Po-30 Orca Heli and the To 199 Neophron (CSAT CAS Plane) are also equipped with pixel Tracers.
  2. @ozzbik @Placebo Update and Problem solved I tried to purchase Arma3 in the Store again (maybe the 50th time) some minutes ago and instead of refusing the payment, paypal ask me to verifiy myself through a call and a displayed code and .... It worked... I don't why it worked this time - i still don't have an answer from Store Support or PayPal.
  3. - Problem solved - Thanks for help -