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  1. Hi, no LAV-AD out there :( So i made one. Still WIP but i hope i get this InGame asap Screens: http://industrial-destruction.de/Files/Upload/ArmA/Projects/LAV-AD.png (439 kB) http://industrial-destruction.de/Files/Upload/ArmA/Projects/GAU-Cannon.png (237 kB)
  2. Hi there, i have a question. I always got a blackscreen while flying an F-18. Like the pilots circuit goes down :/ I have ACE already, ACRE and some other cool Mods. My Charakter is a USMC Fighter Pilot. So i was wondering, why this could happen. Regards
  3. An Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer with workable weapons and good interrior :>
  4. I have spawned to planes without a GAU-8 cannon. I've adde lots of Boms and an trigger that the planes only fly into the battlefield if i activate the trigger via Radio Delta. Is there a way to add a marker via Map (M) and the plane drop 12 Bombs there? Regards ^^
  5. Awesome, thanks. It works but how i add a marker?
  6. Okay i did someting wrong. i can't add a marker where the Planes fly
  7. hmm okay Thanks for the answers.
  8. Hi everyone, i tried to remove the Browning M2 from the M1151 and add a MK19 Grenade-Launcher.. I used this code: this removemagazine "100Rnd_127x99_M2"; this removeweapon "M2"; this addweapon "MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; this addmagazine "48Rnd_40mm_MK19"; but it doesn't work. Any Idea how i can make this working? Regards
  9. Because the M1151 have the ASK and nice objects like the barrow.
  10. I have a question, i can open the "missions.pbo" in ArmA II. But if i try to open the Operation Arrowhead "missions_e.pbo" it says that the File is not from ArmA :( Whats wrong? Regards
  11. DeadalusHD

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Thanks Sickboy, this is now bookmarked :D
  12. DeadalusHD

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Das anyone know the classnames for SAPHEI-T for the M163 PIVADS ? Thanks
  13. So, i tried to make a prison. Have placed walls and a gate. I have used this code this setdamage 1;colpi = 0 to make the walls electric via trigger. If someone touch the wall, a sound of electricity comes around. What goes wrong? The second thing is, can i make a trigger size like the prison and if a prisoner try to escape that my US soldiers shoot him down? So if i put an OPFOR Soldier in a cell he doesn't get killed, only he has a gun. Same for all other units and peds. And is there a good watchtower for the Guards? Regards & Thanks
  14. DeadalusHD

    Need some functions :S

    You a German? :D btw, i can't use this command. 1. It says that a ; misst between in and thislist. 2. If Enemy from outside get in my Guards will not shoot them down.
  15. Hi, is there a way to make my Officer as commander of all US-Units? I have placed a Headquarter & a Module called " command Commander" (sry i have EU-Version, don't know the US-Name) and i have placed a Game-Logic. I syncronisized this with my player, a Colonel Officer with no weapons :> Regards
  16. OMG! Thank you very much :cool:
  17. i got <null> at all :( Object: Cinderwall, Gate Screen of Debug-Console: http://industrial-destruction.de/Files/Upload/arma2OA%202013-02-11%2022-38-16-59
  18. Yea right it is form MGB. I try to change it up. Thanks for your answer ;) E:// Okay i'm a noob :D Think i do something wrong. I wait until you are at home :>
  19. No :( It doesn't work for me ;( http://industrial-destruction.de/Files/Upload/arma2OA%202013-02-11%2021-02-22-11
  20. Awesome, thanks for this script.
  21. Is there a way, if i'm near the gate that an Soldier open it? and if i walk away from the gate he close it? This is the Gate: http://industrial-destruction.de/Files/Upload/ArmA/arma2OA%202013-02-10%2000-03-29-38 (227 kB) Regards
  22. DeadalusHD

    AI open & Close Gate?!

    Great, thanks man. This will help me :>