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  1. StormCorpsFinest

    Arma3 Videos

    We're kind of new to these kind of videos. This is the first one we pushed out. For you major video editors out there, please give us some recommendations. Otherwise, enjoy this short covert raid on Stratis Airfield. The Objective: Eliminated the Air Control Tower to disrupt air enemy air communications Thanks for watching guys.
  2. StormCorpsFinest

    Does This Look Familiar?

    It reportedly gets 2.3 mpg - hah. Better ramp up fuel logistics in those long Arma games.
  3. I would even push further to say that the launchers in this game need more of a considerable back blast explosion. As an 0351 in the Marine Corps, I can say that the SMAW itself sends quite an impressive back blast out the rear end. It's simply a large explosion, sending fragmentation 100 meters back. Heck, if this is a simulation.. integrate burn damage to players/entities that come in contact with any kind of back blast. Would only make sense, and would get rid of the silly CoD/Battlefield noob tubing. Edit: Then again, nothing about Arma warrants close quarters fighting. Just some food for thought though.
  4. Yeah that video was pretty fascinating. I'm sure we'll see some cinematics to come. The current animation can't be the one they plan to ship with
  5. I've noticed a few things when taking down helicopters (I've taken down my fair share with the RPG-47's AA rockets). I would add a smoke trail and potentially a cabin fire to helicopters that get shot down by a rocket. As far as I've seen, the props just "disappear" while you gracefully glide the helicopter in for a crash landing. There needs to be more of an intense explosion and smoke trail when you get hit. I would also consider a -50% health reduction to the pilot and crew when hit by a rocket. This makes it so the chances of surviving a rocket impact and crash landing slim. I would also consider "lock-on" alarms for modern vehicles. Especially those with counter-rocket flares and things the sort. There is just no way to tell whether or not you're about to be shot down. Your thoughts? These are just minor recommendations. I know there are bigger things to be dealt with.
  6. StormCorpsFinest

    US Marines MARPAT Desert

    As a fellow Marine, I can say that this is a great addition to Arma 3. Thank you for adding this. I would also suggest that you add our home jersey's as well, we could use a little bit of greens in Stratis. Oorah, 0351
  7. StormCorpsFinest

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I've noticed that I lag mostly when I turn my view to heavy brush or trees. I'm not exactly sure what causes this, I can only assume the GPU can't draw the textures fast enough or something. Regardless, everywhere else (in open fields, and not in heavy brush) I get some pretty flawless 40 - 50 fps at standard to high graphic settings.
  8. StormCorpsFinest

    Arma 3 Alpha multiplayer hacked - unplayable at this moment

    Nice try cupcake. We're here to list hackers, not complain about it. It's also informational. Go away
  9. There has been an infestation of hackers that have exploited the lack of anti-hack abilities on the Arma 3 alpha. It is now currently unplayable due to a slew of hackers who jump from server to server running scripts that automatically turn all players into birds. I can no longer play any Arma 3 multiplayer due to this. It takes about 10 - 30 minutes for it to happen. I've seen it happen in real time. The hackers would log into the server, run the script, then immediately log off. The server detects "invalid" files beforehand, then the hack is executed. I found one hacker, by the name of Skyshark. If you find any other hackers and their names, please list them in this thread.
  10. StormCorpsFinest

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Hello, Your mod progress looks very good! Please don't give up on this one! I'm following this thread! Best regards, Mike