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  1. I've tried everything it seems like. My server is running BattlEye latest server dll from Battleye.com, and my PC is running the latest client. I am using the latest beta patch on both server and client, but it shows up as BattlEye required: No in server list, and it kicks me for 'battleye initialization failed' after a few minutes after entering with 'wait for host' screen. I also have BattlEye=1 in server cfg. Client: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Server: Windows server x64 2008 datacenter I am posting here because I cannot narrow it down to a client or server problem. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Chaser98

    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    Sorry for the bump, but the links are down and I really want this.
  3. Any way to disable PDB? I have a linux server so thats not an option for me.
  4. I am running CentOS 5.9 x86_64. All files are lowercase. The weird thing is that it works perfectly fine in root, although my aim is to get it to run without root.
  5. Hi. I am having a very strange problem. I chmodded all the addon pbos to 777 into attempt to diagnose this error but no avail. If I run the server exe as root, all is well, but I do not want to run as root for security reasons. WATCHDOG (20104): [Wed Feb 6 16:14:03 EST 2013] Starting server (port 2302)... Item str_disp_server_control listed twice Cannot open file '.\addons\air.pbo' I tried using chmod and chown to no avail. Please help.