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  1. -I have ports from 2302 to 2306 forwarded -I host a new internet game via ingame UI -Friend tries to find my server with name of the server or with IP: he cannot see my server -Friend tries to join via steam: server not responding -No mods enabled -Both have same game version (whatever is the latest stable branch currently) What do? Is this even supposed to work? This used to work just fine 3ish months ago. Also tried with friend hosting and me trying to find and couldn't find the server.
  2. Hey alive devs! I was wondering if it is possible and how to get alive to work with my own self-made terrain. If it is not too hard to do, I would like to do that. I know basic sqf. Though my terrain has no keypoints or named cities defined if that matters for alive.
  3. Juhansson

    Memory points out of place

    You're right, thanks for the tip. I now completely re-did the memory points, this time in 3dsmax. And re-exported all LODs to o2 and now every memory point seems to work good and be in their correct place. No idea what caused the bug, but I'm happy everything works now.
  4. Juhansson

    Memory points out of place

    Step by step: > Go to resolution or geometry lod > Place a point with the insert key > Use 4 views and move the point to exact center of the desired door > Cut the point, open memory lod and paste the point there > Name the point Door_1_trigger > Check that in OpenDoor_1 class within the UserActions class the radius is set to 1.5 > Time to save, pack and try the model ingame > Hmm cant find the Open Door 1 action > Time to player disableCollisionWith thebuggyhouse; > noclip around the house looking for the Open Door 1 action > Oh wait if i look just at the right angle at the wall 2m to the left of the actual door I can open the door. > try again moving and recreating the point to different places, always ending up not where i've actually placed it in o2 > cry a lot
  5. So I have this house model with several doors. Some doors work as intended and some have their trigger memory points way off of where i placed them in o2. The AI can find them, but I cannot find them without disabling collisions with the house and walking through walls, to find the door opening memory point somewhere inside a wall 2m off the actual door. I am quite sure i've got the configs right and have placed the memory point vertices accurately. Is there a way (maybe a script) to visualize where the door_#_trigger memory points are ingame? Is there some o2 voodoo i can do to get this work? Any guesses what I am doing wrong?
  6. Juhansson

    Problems getting dust effects to work

    There is not even a mention of cfgVehicles in atlas config. Dont you need that to have dust effects? Here is my terrain AiA disabled: https://imgur.com/byia07n Dust effects working as they should. Clutter and some objects missing obviously because my terrain uses a2 resources. But if i run with AiA there are zero dust effects. Maybe if i could understand why using AiA breaks dust effects I could solve this problem. Anyone here use AiA assets for their terrain and have working dust effects?
  7. Juhansson

    Problems getting dust effects to work

    Bump Yep still stuck with this problem. I have no idea what is wrong. Im guessing there must be something wrong with my main config although there are no "syntax errors". So here it is if anyone would mind to take a look: config.cpp: http://pastebin.com/zPUjCZHu
  8. Juhansson

    Problems getting dust effects to work

    I noticed if I turn off AiA terrainpack (which my terrain needs for various objects and stuff) the dust effects work correctly. If i have it enabled... no dust effects. I have the latest version, patch, and that hotfix on my AiA. Also I tested takistan and chernarus where dust effects worked fine. What the hell? How does AiA break my terrains dust effects?
  9. I cant get any of the dust effects to work on my terrain and don't understand why. Here are my configs. Layers.cfg: http://pastebin.com/EsF6n2eM cfgSurfaces.hpp: http://pastebin.com/tbyn5KyD cfgVehicles.hpp: http://pastebin.com/VT2nPcpx All clutter and most of the sound effects work fine. :/ .hpps are included in main terrain config.
  10. Juhansson

    EMF help

    How do you get your objects to a shape layer so you can export them to imagery?
  11. Bis Binarise crashes when packing terrain using pboProject. Binarise rpt: Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 018502C6 Version 0.00.0 Fault time: 2014/12/22 19:30:31 Fault address: 018502C6 01:00A8F2C6 C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Binarize\binarize.exe Prev. code bytes: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 55 8B EC 56 8B F1 Fault code bytes: 8B 4E 04 8B 86 10 01 00 00 3B C8 7C 18 D1 F8 83 Registers: EAX:00000000 EBX:00000000 ECX:00000034 EDX:0988FCD4 ESI:00000034 EDI:00000000 CS:EIP:0023:018502C6 SS:ESP:002B:002DCE0C EBP:002DCE10 DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B Flags:00010202 =================== Anyone have a idea whats wrong? Edit: Aww shit posted to wrong section, meant to post to troubleshooting. Sorry.
  12. Firstly, great stuff thanks for sharing! How do i properly add the Overcast class to my terrains config? My terrain inherits from stratis and I cant just jam the Overcast class under my "terrain Class", I get missing inheritance class(es). Edit: Ok figured it out by looking at the examples better.
  13. Tried creating a profile in-game and tweaking the controls in development section, then copy-pasting the controls from Arma3Profile file, to P drives "buldozer.Arma3Profile". Then adding line "-profiles=P:\buldozer.Arma3Profile" to buldozer launch parameters via TB's Tools -> Preferences menu. However I still have the stock controls. I dont know what im doing anymore, so if someone knows how to actually achieve this, please tell. I would be of very grateful. Heres my buldozer.arma3profile just in case.: version=1; blood=1; singleVoice=0; maxSamplesPlayed=96; anisoFilter=12; textureQuality=3; shadowQuality=4; tripleHead=0; customScheme=1; trackIR=1; freeTrack=1; controller="Default"; sensitivity="Medium"; vibrations=1; class ControllerSchemes { }; keySwimUp[]={45}; keySwimDown[]={44}; keyAdjust[]={29}; keyMoveForward[]={17,200}; keyMoveBack[]={31,208}; keyTurnLeft[]={30,203}; keyTurnRight[]={32,205}; keyMoveUp[]={45}; keyMoveDown[]={44}; keyMoveFastForward[]={}; keyMoveSlowForward[]={}; keyMoveLeft[]={704643088}; keyMoveRight[]={704643090}; keyEvasiveLeft[]={16}; keyEvasiveRight[]={18}; keyStand[]={}; keyCrouch[]={}; keyProne[]={}; keyLeanLeft[]={16,524291}; keyLeanRight[]={18,524297}; keyLeanLeftToggle[]={272}; keyLeanRightToggle[]={274}; keyWalkRunToggle[]={285212703,520093713}; keyWalkRunTemp[]={}; keyTactToggle[]={46}; keyTactTemp[]={}; keyTactShort[]={65536}; keyNextWeapon[]={33}; keyPrevWeapon[]={}; keySwitchWeapon[]={-1660944345}; keyFire[]={487653376}; keyDefaultAction[]={65536}; keyThrow[]={34}; keyCycleThrownItems[]={486539298}; keyReloadMagazine[]={19}; keyLockTargets[]={}; keyLockEmptyTargets[]={}; keyLockTarget[]={20}; keyRevealTarget[]={20}; keyZoomTemp[]={65537}; keyTempRaiseWeapon[]={}; keyToggleRaiseWeapon[]={285}; keyPrevAction[]={1048580,26}; keyNextAction[]={1048581,27}; keyAction[]={57,28,65538}; keyActionContext[]={57,65538}; keyActionFreeLook[]={65536}; keyHeadlights[]={38}; keyNightVision[]={49}; keyBinocular[]={48}; keyHandgun[]={39}; keyCompass[]={37}; keyCompassToggle[]={293}; keyWatch[]={24}; keyWatchToggle[]={280}; keyMiniMap[]={}; keyMiniMapToggle[]={-1660944334}; keyShowMap[]={50}; keyHideMap[]={50}; keyUavView[]={15}; keyUavViewToggle[]={271}; keyHelp[]={35}; keyTimeInc[]={13}; keyTimeDec[]={12}; keyOptics[]={65665,82}; keyOpticsTemp[]={65665,82}; keyPilotCamera[]={487653505}; keyOpticsMode[]={487653505,181}; keyPersonView[]={156}; keyTacticalView[]={83}; keyZoomIn[]={78,65540}; keyZoomInToggle[]={334}; keyZoomOut[]={74,65539}; keyZoomOutToggle[]={330}; keyZoomContIn[]={524299}; keyZoomContOut[]={524293}; keyZeroingUp[]={201}; keyZeroingDown[]={209}; keyGunElevUp[]={201}; keyGunElevDown[]={209}; keyGunElevSlow[]={42,54}; keyGunElevAuto[]={43}; keyLookAround[]={56}; keyLookAroundToggle[]={312,55}; keyLookLeftDown[]={79}; keyLookDown[]={80}; keyLookRightDown[]={81}; keyLookLeft[]={75}; keyLookCenter[]={76}; keyLookRight[]={77}; keyLookLeftUp[]={71}; keyLookUp[]={72}; keyLookRightUp[]={73}; keyLookLeftCont[]={524289}; keyLookRightCont[]={524295}; keyLookDownCont[]={524288}; keyLookUpCont[]={524294}; keyLookShiftLeftCont[]={524291}; keyLookShiftRightCont[]={524297}; keyLookShiftUpCont[]={}; keyLookShiftDownCont[]={}; keyLookShiftForwardCont[]={}; keyLookShiftBackCont[]={}; keyLookRollLeftCont[]={524290}; keyLookRollRightCont[]={524296}; keyLookShiftLeft[]={486539339}; keyLookShiftRight[]={486539341}; keyLookShiftUp[]={486539465}; keyLookShiftDown[]={486539473}; keyLookShiftForward[]={486539336}; keyLookShiftBack[]={486539344}; keyLookRollLeft[]={486539280}; keyLookRollRight[]={486539282}; keyLookShiftCenter[]={486539340}; keyFreeHeadMove[]={}; keyVehLockTurretView[]={486539284}; keyPrevChannel[]={51}; keyNextChannel[]={52}; keyChat[]={53}; keyVoiceOverNet[]={314}; keyPushToTalk[]={58}; keyPushToTalkAll[]={}; keyPushToTalkSide[]={}; keyPushToTalkCommand[]={}; keyPushToTalkGroup[]={}; keyPushToTalkVehicle[]={}; keyPushToTalkDirect[]={}; keyNetworkStats[]={25}; keyNetworkPlayers[]={-1660944359}; keySelectAll[]={486539305}; keyTurbo[]={42}; keyTurboToggle[]={}; keyVehicleTurbo[]={42}; keyWalk[]={}; keyEngineToggle[]={}; keyHoldBreath[]={65537}; keySalute[]={43}; keySitDown[]={40}; keySurrender[]={}; keyGetOver[]={47}; keyAimUp[]={1048578}; keyAimDown[]={1048579}; keyAimLeft[]={1048576}; keyAimRight[]={1048577}; keyAimHeadUp[]={1048578}; keyAimHeadDown[]={1048579}; keyAimHeadLeft[]={1048576}; keyAimHeadRight[]={1048577}; keyIngamePause[]={1}; keyMenuSelect[]={}; keyMenuBack[]={14,65665}; keyForceCommandingMode[]={41}; keySwitchCommand[]={486539321,221}; keyHeliUp[]={42}; keyHeliDown[]={44}; keyHeliLeft[]={1048576}; keyHeliRight[]={1048577}; keyAirBankLeft[]={30,203}; keyAirBankRight[]={32,205}; keyHeliRudderLeft[]={16,211}; keyHeliRudderRight[]={18,207}; keyHeliForward[]={17,200,1048579}; keyHeliBack[]={31,208,1048578}; keyHeliFastForward[]={}; keyAutoHover[]={45}; keyAutoHoverCancel[]={45}; keyHeliThrottlePos[]={}; keyHeliThrottleNeg[]={}; keyHeliBrakes[]={}; keyHeliCyclicForward[]={17,200,1048579}; keyHeliCyclicBack[]={31,208,1048578}; keyHeliCyclicLeft[]={30,203}; keyHeliCyclicRight[]={32,205}; keyHeliCollectiveRaise[]={42}; keyHeliCollectiveLower[]={44}; keyHeliCollectiveRaiseCont[]={}; keyHeliCollectiveLowerCont[]={}; keyHeliWheelsBrake[]={-1660944367}; keyHeliTrimLeft[]={-1660944309}; keyHeliTrimRight[]={-1660944307}; keyHeliTrimForward[]={-1660944312}; keyHeliTrimBackward[]={-1660944304}; keyHeliTrimRudderLeft[]={-1660944305}; keyHeliTrimRudderRight[]={-1660944303}; keyHeliRopeAction[]={48}; keyHeliSlingLoadManager[]={-1660944336}; keySubmarineUp[]={45}; keySubmarineDown[]={44}; keySubmarineLeft[]={30,203,1048576}; keySubmarineRight[]={32,205,1048577}; keySubmarineForward[]={17,200}; keySubmarineBack[]={31,208}; keySubmarineCyclicForward[]={1048578}; keySubmarineCyclicBack[]={1048579}; keySeagullUp[]={16,1048579}; keySeagullDown[]={44,1048578}; keySeagullForward[]={17,200}; keySeagullBack[]={31,208}; keySeagullFastForward[]={18}; keyCarLeft[]={30,203}; keyCarRight[]={32,205}; keyCarLinearLeft[]={}; keyCarLinearRight[]={}; keyCarWheelLeft[]={1048576}; keyCarWheelRight[]={1048577}; keyCarForward[]={17,200}; keyCarBack[]={31,208}; keyCarFastForward[]={285212714}; keyCarSlowForward[]={285212701,486539281}; keyCarSoftBrake[]={}; keyCarBrake[]={}; keyCarHandBrake[]={45}; keyCarAccelerate[]={}; keyCarGearUp[]={}; keyCarGearDwn[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd1[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd2[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd3[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd4[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd5[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd6[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd7[]={}; keyCarShiftFwd8[]={}; keyCarShiftRvs1[]={}; keyCarShiftRvs2[]={}; keyCarAimUp[]={1048578}; keyCarAimDown[]={1048579}; keyCarAimLeft[]={1048576}; keyCarAimRight[]={1048577}; keyCommandLeft[]={30,203}; keyCommandRight[]={32,205}; keyCommandForward[]={17,200}; keyCommandBack[]={31,208}; keyCommandFast[]={285212714}; keyCommandSlow[]={285212701,486539281}; keySwitchGunnerWeapon[]={486539297}; keyVehLockTargets[]={19}; keyVehLockEmptyTargets[]={}; keySwapGunner[]={}; keyHeliManualFire[]={40}; keyTurnIn[]={16}; keyTurnOut[]={18}; keyCancelAction[]={}; keyCommandWatch[]={56}; keyTeamSwitch[]={22}; keyTeamSwitchPrev[]={}; keyTeamSwitchNext[]={}; keyGear[]={23}; keyCuratorInterface[]={21}; keyCuratorDelete[]={211}; keyCuratorDestroy[]={207}; keyCuratorMoveCamTo[]={33}; keyCuratorLockCameraTo[]={486539297}; keyCuratorLevelObject[]={45}; keyCuratorRotateMod[]={42}; keyCuratorGroupMod[]={29}; keyCuratorMultipleMod[]={29}; keyCuratorContentWaypoint[]={56}; keyCuratorMoveY[]={56}; keyCuratorGetOut[]={34}; keyCuratorCollapseParent[]={46}; keyCuratorNightvision[]={49}; keyCuratorPersonView[]={156}; keyCuratorPingView[]={57}; keyCuratorToggleInterface[]={14}; keyCuratorToggleEdit[]={18}; keyCuratorToggleCreate[]={19}; keyCuratorMapTextures[]={20}; keyCuratorCompass[]={37}; keyCuratorWatch[]={24}; keyGetOut[]={47}; keyEject[]={303}; keyLandGear[]={34}; keyLandGearUp[]={34}; keyFlapsDown[]={-1660944347}; keyFlapsUp[]={-1660944346}; keyLaunchCM[]={46}; keyNextCM[]={486539310}; keyHelicopterTrimOn[]={-1660944308}; keyHelicopterTrimOff[]={-1660944301}; keyCopyVersion[]={486539317}; keyOpenDlcScreen[]={704643097}; keyBuldSwitchCamera[]={210}; keyBuldFreeLook[]={76,65538}; keyBuldSelect[]={57}; keyBuldResetCamera[]={82}; keyBuldMagnetizePoints[]={63}; keyBuldMagnetizePlanes[]={64}; keyBuldMagnetizeYFixed[]={65}; keyBuldTerrainRaise1m[]={24}; keyBuldTerrainRaise10cm[]={22}; keyBuldTerrainLower1m[]={38}; keyBuldTerrainLower10cm[]={36}; keyBuldTerrainRaise5m[]={25}; keyBuldTerrainRaise50cm[]={23}; keyBuldTerrainLower5m[]={39}; keyBuldTerrainLower50cm[]={37}; keyBuldTerrainShowNode[]={35}; keyBuldSelectionType[]={31}; keyBuldLeft[]={203}; keyBuldRight[]={205}; keyBuldForward[]={200}; keyBuldBack[]={208}; keyBuldMoveLeft[]={1048576}; keyBuldMoveRight[]={1048577}; keyBuldMoveForward[]={1048578}; keyBuldMoveBack[]={1048579}; keyBuldTurbo[]={42}; keyBuldUp[]={201,16}; keyBuldDown[]={209,44}; keyBuldLookLeft[]={75,486539467}; keyBuldLookRight[]={77,486539469}; keyBuldLookUp[]={72,486539464}; keyBuldLookDown[]={80,486539472}; keyBuldZoomIn[]={78,1048580}; keyBuldZoomOut[]={74,1048581}; keyBuldTextureInfo[]={20}; keyBuldBrushRatio[]={48}; keyBuldBrushStrength[]={50}; keyBuldBrushSmooth[]={42}; keyBuldBrushRandomize[]={19}; keyBuldBrushSetHeight[]={46}; keyBuldBrushOuter[]={49}; keyBuldUndo[]={486539308}; keyBuldRedo[]={486539283}; keyBuldCreateObj[]={47}; keyBuldDuplicateSel[]={46}; keyBuldRemoveSel[]={32}; keyBuldRotateSelX[]={45}; keyBuldRotateSelZ[]={44}; keyBuldScaleSel[]={18}; keyBuldElevateSel[]={17}; keyBuldKeepAbsoluteElevationSel[]={}; keyDiary[]={36}; keyUser1[]={}; keyUser2[]={}; keyUser3[]={}; keyUser4[]={}; keyUser5[]={}; keyUser6[]={}; keyUser7[]={}; keyUser8[]={}; keyUser9[]={}; keyUser10[]={}; keyUser11[]={}; keyUser12[]={}; keyUser13[]={}; keyUser14[]={}; keyUser15[]={}; keyUser16[]={}; keyUser17[]={}; keyUser18[]={}; keyUser19[]={}; keyUser20[]={}; revMouse=0; mouseSensitivityX=0.44043875; mouseSensitivityY=0.43260151; floatingZoneArea=0; mouseSmoothing=5; mouseAcceleration=0; sceneComplexity=750000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=3000; preferredObjectViewDistance=2600; terrainGrid=12.5; volumeCD=10; volumeFX=10; volumeSpeech=10; volumeVoN=10; vonRecThreshold=0.029999999; gamma=1; brightness=1; fovTop=0.75; fovLeft=1.0925; uiTopLeftX=0.11098397; uiTopLeftY=0.074999988; uiBottomRightX=0.88901603; uiBottomRightY=0.92500001; IGUIScale=0.85000002;
  14. Posting for support. River system like mentioned somewhere in the feedback ticket in my sig would be THEBEST. Terrain i'm working on needs this.
  15. Juhansson

    Building now showing on MAP

    We should but currently only arma 2 buildings show up that way in game, and arma 3 ones dont. There is feedback tracker ticket about this somewhere, but i cant find it right now. Edit: posted before i saw the other thread about this thing. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18401