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    Chair Script help

    Where shall i put those lines ?
  2. Hey Guys i have a Problem... When i put a Backpack on the back or a Rocketlauncher via ACE Mod i just load the on in hand the lowest slot doesn't work :/ Anything that could fix that ?
  3. I saw a Vid of Fennek and some other Vehilces is it out Yet ?
  4. Hey Guys, i just rented a Arma 2 CO Server. Now i want to enable Mods like ACE and other Stuff but how can i do that easly ? And do i have to Install the Mods on the Server or do i have to allow them also what would be the difference. Greetings TwoFace
  5. Is there anyway to use a slower Littlebird ? With Ace ? And can i disable the other Chopper ?
  6. I don't understand how you can be soo slow i always go faster that ne Helo can you maybe Fix that and make a Version where you follow waypoints instead of a chopper ? I always have to wait until the Helo is away form the LZ