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  1. Hello, About Myself: I am 16 years old and i am in the British Army Cadet Force, i have been in 2 realism units(16AA,4THIBCT) and i am currently in one now but will leave if i find a better one. As my username suggests my surname is Anderson but i will not be releasing any other details publicly as im in a huge clan and one of them might read this and i don't want to leave them until im certain i have somewhere to fall back on. LOL, the hard part, i would not say i have the deepest voice in the world but i am not squeaky. What can i do: Well in my current unit im a senior NCO, i can lead fireteam,squad/section, and i have had platoon sergeant training. I am a very good pilot and a very good infantryman, I can do a lot of work although i don't know how to work servers or websites or make missions. I can do high level jobs and be in-charge of different things. I can participate almost every event, in many of my units i had more than 98% attendance, i live in the U.K./Britain but i am a vampire and can attend U.S based events. I have experience in founding timezone specific sub-units within units so if you want your clan to be very big i can organize different units in ti for different time zones: shown to be very effective in other units. What am i looking for: A unit/clan that has very few members, 1-10, I do not mind being the second member of a unit. Basically i would like to be the co-founder of a new unit, i have been in many units, i know what 'to' and 'not' to do. You the main founder will still be in the drivers seat but having me in the passenger seat will put your unit into nitro. I would be able to create: Application systems Enlistments standards and programes Promotion systems Basic training different specialized training Secondary MOS's/staff positions unit structure NCO courses All of which i will present to you (founder) to approve. If someone is interested please private message me, maybe we can talk sometime, if you inquire but turn out to not be interested after all, what harm is there... I hope someone is interested as i would love to help you on your adventure to commanding a ArmA 2 Realism Unit with dozens of members. SIGNED Anderson