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  1. I understand that gamespy is shutting donw.. but everything happens on Steam.. as i said problem started after that patch with karts.. Well i'll wait a bit more maybe it will repair some how on it owns..
  2. Hello there, After yesterday's update (with karts) I've got problem with refreshing server list in multiplayer. When i'm trying to find/or refresh server list with some words in filter host's name it take even 30 sec. to find them. Aswell there is a problem when i'm trying to find my own server - simply game didn't show me. BTW. i'm using pure ARMA III with Zeus and Kats only. I would be very grateful for your help in solving the problem
  3. Ok, I've ranamed it and for now it shows only problem with BattleEye: E:\Gry\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\BattleEye\BEClient.dll (C:\Users\Jacek\AppData\Local\Temp\7xSA8C2.tmp\Setup_BattleEyeARMA2OA.exe)
  4. Hello, I've got and problem with updating beta patch 100296 to 101480 because of new patch for DayZ . When i'm trying to install and update it shows me few problem: Error found in file ALL\ARMA2OASERVER.EXE Error found in file ALL\DLL\JEMALLOC_BI.DLL Error found in file ALL\DLL\NEEDMALLOC_BI.DLL Error found in file ALL\DLL\TBB3MALLOC_BI.DLL Error found in file ALL\DLL\TBB4MALLOC_BI.DLL Error found in file ALL\DLL\TCMALLOC_BI.DLL Error found in file Arma2OA.exe (a750c4bc!=faf97743) Error found in file Arma2OAserver.exe (9b3fc6a2!=7705d952) Error found in file dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll (12552310!=9c1af127) and for the end some two problems with BattleEye .. Also when i'm trying to update it with DayZCommander it shows me "Cannot dalete existing arma 2 beta patch" I would be very pleased if someone could help me.