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  1. Von_Emmy

    No more dark theme on BI forums?

    Works great - i love it Thank you very much
  2. Von_Emmy

    No more dark theme on BI forums?

    I'd like to know the reasoning behind a possible remove of the darkstyle feature. - why? Also, i'd like to ask for a comeback or a replacement of it.
  3. Von_Emmy

    Official launcher isn't working

    Go to -> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151617-SweetFX-in-Arma-3&p=2777466&viewfull=1#post2777466 ...for further information.
  4. Von_Emmy

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    Hi I can confirm, what sc_neo just reported -> http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20343#c81008 ...Big Thanks to you sc_neo... that SweetFX causes the "ArmA 3 Launcher" to be invisible. -> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180355-Official-launcher-isn-t-working/page5&highlight=Launcher Now, does anyone have a clue why that happens or knows how to possibly fix this issue?
  5. Von_Emmy

    Official launcher isn't working

    Feedback -> http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20343
  6. Von_Emmy

    Official launcher isn't working

    Thanks for your adwise. But no, it did not work. Still can't see the window, although the cursor and taskbar symbol is visable.
  7. Von_Emmy

    Official launcher isn't working

    Same here Task-Sign is visable in Taskbar but not maximizable and no interaction possible other than closing it. Win 7 x64 I7 920@4.2GHz ASUS GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum
  8. No, it's not possible Read this
  9. Von_Emmy

    Today's patch changelog

    Depending on this comparison... btw. thanks a lot BearBison... i think running speed should be slowed down to 9 mph and sprinting should be changed up to 14 mph (or maybe 13). This would make us feel the differences between movement speeds more clearly and would make sprinting more like what it should be.
  10. Von_Emmy

    Discussion about stances

    Hi Sneakson I just commented your feedback 0007149 as first and by making suggestions i also included your other feedback entree 0007150. What do you and the community think about this? much Love and Light Von_Emmy
  11. +1 Just wanna tell you folks; there's an entry on the Feedback Tracker about most of this -> 0002268
  12. Von_Emmy

    Hand Signaling & Commo Rose

    Hello everyone +1 I really would love to see an revision of the current Interaction Menu by making all commands accessible via Commo Rose. To be able to quickly give some Handsignals would also be a good thing. I'm comming from a long time of BF2:AIX2 playing, where giving commands and saying simple things like Sorry, Thanks or Need a Medic and so on, were very easy accessible via Commo Rose. If you knew where the actions were placed on the Rose they could be chosen blindfoldet. Because, you had to just simply hold a key (in BF2 it was Q and T), drag your mouse over desired action and release it to choose. Witch is much more handy and less time consuming as the current drop down menu. IMO, in case of giving handsignals, whitch is very imersive and for sneaking procedures somewhat importand and because i don't know a better solution, it should be the way to go. Some have said, at least that's how i understood it, that a Commo Rose would make you unmoveable while using it. But that's not true and as you probably all regret, it's somewhat the case with the current drop down menu. For those that say, that the ability to make quick commands or actions by simply pressing numbers (eg. 0-0-9) is something they wanna stay with. - I do agree but that's not an argument that speaks against the Commo Rose, because it's also possible with it. I'm pretty sure, as MarkusLetifer expected it, that it's allready "discussed to death" and because he couldn't find it allegedly, i expect it to be probably somewhere in the ArmA2 section of this Forums, at least the Commo Rose thing ;) have a nice time everybody much love and light Von_Emmy
  13. Von_Emmy

    Taking the scroll menu to the chopping block

    Hello everybody Because we all wanna be happy... My recommendation; a solution that probably suits everyone, by integrating all of the following: - Press and hold "MMW" or desired "Interaction Key", hover over desired command/action and release it to choose. ("Commo Rose" Style like BF2, Crysis and so on). - Scroll "MMW" to desired command/action and press "MMW" or desired "Interaction Key" (currently set to "Spacebar" as default) to choose it. (Like it is now) - Press "MMW" or desired "Interaction Key" (currently set to "Spacebar" as default) to choose default interaction like open door, get in car and so on. (like it is now) - Make it toggleable in the "Key Settings", whether or not you want the "Commo Rose" and/or the "Scroll Menu", so that both or either one of them could be used. I think it should be achievable, although i'm not in to it, that the "Commo Rose" could be made in a way it would adjust its layout on the same amount of chooseable options, just like the "Scroll Menu" would offer. So that all modders only have to add there specific command/action to the "Scroll Menu", just somehow like it is now. Like i guess, this way noone could complain anymore and everyone should be happy :D What do you think? and what does BI think about it? in advance Much love and light Von_Emmy